Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • HeroinLaw enforcement fighting 'epidemic' of heroin use
    Concerned about a spike in heroin use around the state, Minnesota's law enforcement and public health agencies are trying to cut off the source of the heroin and at the same time get hold of what has quickly become an epidemic.6:50 a.m.
  • Rep. Tim WalzObservers: Rep. Tim Walz positioned well despite GOP criticism
    On paper, Minnesota's First Congressional District appears to be ripe territory for Republicans. But DFL Congressman Tim Walz stands a good chance of winning a fourth term, balancing a relatively liberal voting record in a somewhat conservative rural southern Minnesota district.7:20 a.m.
  • States lose ground in efforts to fund pensions, retiree health care
    A new study warns that most states, including Minnesota, have fallen far behind in funding their public sector retirement benefits.7:45 a.m.
  • Kevin BoweRocker Kevin Bowe writes for himself on 'Natchez Trace'
    By any measure, 51-year-old local rocker Kevin Bowe has had quite a successful music career. He plays guitar in Paul Westerberg's band, and his songs are recorded by the likes of Johnny Lang and Etta James. Now he's put himself front and center with "Natchez Trace."8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Egypt's Military Leaders Move To Hang On To Power
    Later this week in Egypt, the official results of the presidential election will be announced. Steve Inskeep talks to Egyptian journalist and commentator Issandr El Amrani about why there haven't been mass protests over the military council's power grab during the election.
  • Muslim Faction Has Its Roots In Cairo Coffee Klatch
    Mohammed Tolba is an iPad-toting Egyptian cafe habitue who advocates a purist brand of Islam. He seems to embody the complexities of a country going through a difficult transition.
  • Single Dads By Choice: More Men Going It Alone
    A small but growing number of men — gay and straight — are deciding to have children on their own, just as more women began doing two decades ago. Single dads say they still face a social stigma but find parenting emotionally rewarding.
  • Killer Mike: On Ronald Reagan And Raising Daughters
    Atlanta rapper Michael Santiago Render, known professionally as Killer Mike, released his sixth album this month, and his U.S. tour kicks off Tuesday. He explains to Morning Edition that he wants rap music to be embraced like jazz, blues or gospel. "What's more gospel than rap music?" he asks.
  • At G-20, Obama, Putin Discuss Fighting In Syria
    President Barack Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Mexico on Monday. Their meeting comes at a low point in U.S.-Russia relations. Neither country wants a civil war in Syria, but they haven't figured out a way to work out the issue.
  • Jury: Roger Clemens Not Guilty Of Perjury
    Baseball great Roger Clemens was acquitted on Monday of all charges in the government's six-count perjury case against him. He had been accused of lying to Congress in 2008 when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. The verdict is the latest blow to prosecutors' efforts to pursue illicit drug use cases against athletes.
  • A Fine Line: Distinguishing Issue Ads From Advocacy
    Groups such as Crossroads GPS, which has run ads attacking President Obama on many issues, can't make politics their primary purpose. That's because they are classified as social welfare organizations, or 501(c)(4) groups, under the tax code. But political scientists say the line between issue ads and express advocacy has almost been erased.
  • Fed Debates Easing U.S. Monetary Policy
    The Federal Reserve starts its latest two-day meeting Tuesday, and analysts around the globe are wondering whether the central bank will end ease monetary policy. The meeting follows some tough U.S. labor data and the recent Greek elections.
  • Microsoft's Surface Tablet To Compete With iPad
    Microsoft has introduced a new tablet computer, called Surface, that it says works perfectly with the software giant's new operating system Windows 8. Microsoft didn't reveal when Surface would be available, but insiders are guessing this fall.
  • It's Taxis Vs. Limos In Laid-Back Portland
    Like several other U.S. cities, Portland, Ore., requires limousines and town cars to charge higher fares than taxicabs. Two town car companies have filed suit against the city, arguing that the two sets of regulations are unconstitutional.

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