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Friday, June 13, 2008

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  • 'The End of Guantanamo as We Know It'
    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have the right to seek their release in federal court. The 5-4 decision was a stinging rebuke to President Bush's anti-terrorism policies, and reaction from law experts and Bush allies was swift.
  • Bill Boosts Resources for Oil-Futures Monitoring
    New legislation proposes giving the commission that monitors the sale of oil futures more money, more manpower and more detailed information. With oil still trading well above $130, some lawmakers think the high prices aren't just about high demand; they think speculators are to blame.
  • The Most Important Microbe You've Never Heard Of
    The oxygen in one out of every five breaths you take comes from a bacterium called Prochlorococcus. But this tiny microbe — one of the most abundant organisms on Earth — was discovered only 20 years ago.
  • Marvel's 'Incredible Hulk' Beefy But Doesn't Satisfy
    Critic Kenneth Turan says Marvel Entertainment's resurrection of The Incredible Hulk is solid and efficient, if not particularly adventurous. And it has a problem ending.
  • Floods Make Half of Iowa's Counties Disaster Areas
    Nearly 4,000 homes have been evacuated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as residents there brace for flooding following more rain. More than half of the state's 99 counties have been declared disaster areas, and nine rivers are at or near historic flood levels.
  • Obama's VP Search: Avoiding Party's Past Mistakes
    Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is searching for a prospective vice president. Selecting and vetting a running mate has proven difficult for Democratic candidates in the past. A look at the list of possible candidates and how Obama may make his decision.
  • McCain's VP Search: Age Makes Pick More Significant
    Republican John McCain has had more time than his rival to think about potential running mates, since he clinched the GOP nomination three months ago. Because he'll be 72 on Election Day, his choice of an understudy carries some extra weight.
  • Exxon to Sell Off Retail Gasoline Stations
    Exxon-Mobil says it's getting out of the U.S. retail gas business. You'll still see Exxon Mobil signs, with the familiar tiger logo. But on Thursday, the company announced it will sell the 2,200 or so gas stations it still owns.
  • Yahoo Teams with Google in Web Advertising Deal
    Internet companies Yahoo and Google are teaming up in online advertising, a move that Yahoo says will increase its revenue and stockholder value. The deal comes as Microsoft reiterates that it is no longer interested in buying Yahoo.
  • Facing Losses, Lehman Bros. Bank Demotes CFO
    Erin Callan, the first woman to reach the top ranks at the investment bank Lehman Brothers, was demoted from her position as chief financial officer Thursday. The investment bank has suffered $2.8 billion in quarterly losses and a drop in its stock.

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