Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Opposition to oral health practitionersDentists drop opposition to new practitioner position
    Supporters of a bill creating a new mid-level dental practitioner position to work in under-served areas of the state have reached a compromise with opponents.7:20 a.m.
  • Missing Rachel at dinnerRecession forces couples to split for work
    The recession is forcing some families to split up temporarily. Work isn't easy to come by, and in some families, moms and dads have to strike out far from home to find it.7:50 a.m.
  • Dominic PapatolaArt-a-Whirl an opportunity for artists
    Northeast Minneapolis' annual Art-a-Whirl extravaganza gets underway this weekend. It is an opportunity for artists to show off, and sell, their work while in their studios.8:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Parties Face Off Over CIA Interrogation Briefings
    Republicans have used a CIA memo to point out that top Democrats who were briefed on interrogation techniques used under the Bush administration did not act to stop them. But Democrats say that's not fair, arguing that they had few options for taking action on what was classified information.
  • Cheney Defends Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
    One vocal participant in the debate over enhanced interrogation techniques is former Vice President Dick Cheney. Recently he has stepped into the breach to defend the policies of the Bush administration.
  • A Fictional Take On Iran's Nuclear Program
    David Ignatius' new novel, The Increment, tells the story of an Iranian scientist who decides to send classified information to the CIA's Web site.
  • Bill Would Let Patients Sue Medical Device Makers
    If an implanted medical device like a cardiac implant or artificial knee malfunctions, a patient can't sue. A Supreme Court ruling says all the manufacturers need is approval from the FDA to protect them from lawsuits. Some members of Congress want to change that.
  • Pope Calls For Palestinian State While In West Bank
    Pope Benedict visited the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Wednesday. While in Bethlehem, he called for a sovereign Palestinian homeland. The pope also met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
  • Sri Lanka's Military Mission: Find Tamil Tigers Leader
    Hundreds of civilians in Sri Lanka have been killed recently. Aid officials believe many were victims of shelling by the Sri Lankan army fighting against the Tamil Tigers, who are using civilians as human shields. The Sri Lankan government is ignoring international appeals for a pause in the fighting. The military has its sights set on one man.
  • Crude Oil Moves Gas Prices Higher
    Traders in the oil pits of New York and other energy trading centers have been bidding up the price of crude oil. It is hovering around $60 a barrel, almost double what it was in December. Analysts say investors are buying because they expect an economic recovery in the U.S. will spur demand.
  • Rural America Facing More Foreclosures
    Many families refinanced into risky subprime loans. As miners and factory workers lose their jobs, their adjustable mortgage rates are going up, and they can no longer afford the payment.
  • Colorado Farmers Forced To Find New Lender
    Farmers in northern Colorado are reeling from the collapse of a regional bank. Federal regulators last month shut down the New Frontier Bank in Greeley. The bank made thousands of loans to farmers.
  • Norway's Drunken Driving Fines Based On Income
    When police stopped a 49-year-old businessman, they discovered his blood alcohol level to be well over Norway's legal limit. Citing the man's personal wealth of more than $30 million, a court ordered him to pay $109,000 as a drunken-driving penalty — almost his entire annual income. In Norway, fines are based on income and personal wealth.

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