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Monday, May 11, 2009

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  • U.S. Airstrikes In Afghanistan Ignite Controversy
    Afghanistan's president has said a recent U.S. bombing and airstrikes may have killed as many as 130 civilians. And he says the attacks have brought suspicion over U.S. military actions there.
  • India's Election May Empower 'Queen Of The Dalits'
    In less than a week, the votes will be counted in India's general election. No one is expecting an outright winner — that means leaders of smaller regional parties could become kingmakers. One of those aspiring kingmakers is a rich and powerful woman.
  • Pakistan, Taliban Fighting Intensifies In Swat Valley
    A humanitarian crisis in Pakistan's Northwest Province is deepening. Thousands of civilians streamed out of the militant stronghold of Swat Valley on Sunday, hoping to escape before Pakistan's army resumed bombarding Taliban militants there.
  • Commemorative Measures: Lawmakers' Busywork
    Lawmakers in the House this week take up a bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It includes money to help public health officials monitor and prepare for a flu pandemic. House members will be doing a few other things as well — including voting on commemorative legislation.
  • 18,000 Same-Sex Couples Await Ruling In California
    About 18,000 same-sex couples tied the knot during the months gay marriage was legal in the state last year. Now, they are waiting to find out whether the state Supreme Court will let a voter-passed ban on gay marriage stand or overturn it — and whether their marriages will be declared invalid.
  • Polio Pioneer Helps Survivors Hold On To Strength
    People come from around the world to see Dr. Lauro Halstead. He's one of only a handful of doctors in the U.S. who specializes in polio, and he was one of the first to spread the word about post-polio syndrome, a condition that affects polio survivors. Halstead has special insight into the challenges of the disease, because he is a polio survivor, too.
  • British Politicians Face Curb On Expenses
    Members of the British Parliament have been claiming an array of items at the expense of taxpayers. The public is demanding changes to the system by which British lawmakers make their claims. The calls for change came after a newspaper published a list of expense claims.
  • Unemployment Grows In Spain, Along With Disparity
    In the past year, about 1 out of every 2 layoffs in Europe has been in Spain, where the unemployment rate has soared to more than 17 percent. But the country's two-tier labor market means that while losing a job is a catastrophe for some, it's like hitting the jackpot for others.
  • Panasonic Battles Economy With Deep Discounts
    The global recession is hitting consumer electronics companies hard, so they've been cutting prices to attract more sales. Panasonic hopes to offload some of its flat screen TVs with an especially steep discount.
  • Smooth Ride Expected For Supreme Court Nominee
    President Obama is said to be narrowing his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. A nomination is expected before June. No nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has been defeated in modern times when the nominating president's party also controls the Senate.

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