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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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  • In Ala., A Shortage Of Shelter For Storm Survivors
    With thousands left homeless by last week's storms, the challenge is finding temporary housing for displaced residents while the region rebuilds. The mayor of Tuscaloosa, Ala., says he suspects thousands are homeless in the city.
  • Army Corps. Floods Mo. Farmland, Saves Ill. Town
    The Army Corps of Engineers has blown up a levee along the Mississippi River in Missouri to help ease flooding in Illinois. Floodwaters are pouring onto thousands of acres of Missouri farmland. Preliminary readings indicate the action saved the tiny town of Cairo, Illinois.
  • Pakistan: Bin Laden Raid Must Not Serve As Precedent
    Pakistan has indicated it was never asked and never gave permission for the U.S. assault that killed Osama bin Laden. The Pakistani leadership told the United States that the raid must not "serve as a future precedent," saying it would undermine international peace.
  • Libyan Rebels Hang On To Strategic Border Crossing
    A strategic border crossing from western Libya into Tunisia came under fire twice over the weekend, falling briefly back into the hands of troops loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. The crossing is a lifeline for Libyan rebels and citizens.
  • Syria Hopes Arrests Will Still Stop Protesters
    The Syrian government has been trying to keep protesters off the streets by making arrests — hundreds of them. But people are demonstrating anyway. The latest group of protesters waved bread to show solidarity with the besieged city Daraa, where residents have been cut off from food and water and other basic needs.
  • Hamas, Fatah Hopeful Reconciliation Deal Will Last
    A reconciliation pact was signed Wednesday in Cairo between two key Palestinian factions: Hamas and Fatah. The deal was brokered by Egypt and by independent Palestinian groups which pushed the long time rivals into mending their differences.
  • Saudis Worry About U.S. Intentions In Arab World
    The uprisings across the Arab world have led to tensions between the United States and a key Arab partner: Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah is frustrated by what he sees as abandonment by the U.S. administration of long-time Arab allies like Hosni Mubarak. And the United States is unhappy over Saudi interference in the unrest in Bahrain.
  • Small Car Sales Helped By Rising Gas Prices
    With gas prices topping $4 a gallon in parts of the country, small cars sales have raced ahead. General Motors says its passenger car sales rose 49 percent — spurred on by sales of 25,000 Chevy Cruze cars. At Ford, the Focus helped propel that carmaker's sales. And, Chrysler also enjoyed big gains.
  • Facebook Reconnects Tornado Victims With Photos
    The tornadoes that raged Alabama scattered lives, families and debris. And also water bills, check stubs and photographs. One person picked up so many personal documents she found scattered in her yard, she decided to create a Facebook page for them.
  • More Companies Try To Compete With Apple's iPad
    Another crop of tablet computers is coming out. Bloomberg technology columnist Rich Jaroslovsky talks to Steve Inskeep about whether any of them can compete with Apple's iPad,

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