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Friday, May 3, 2013

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  • Political Battle Over Health Law Starts Next Chapter
    In the three years since the Affordable Care Act became law, public opinion has remained deeply divided with as many Americans opposing the law as supporting it. When Americans begin signing up for health insurance under the act, opinion may finally begin to shake loose. Some people without access to insurance gain it and others encounter new bureaucracies.
  • Capitol Hill Caught Up In Health Act's Sticky Situation
    Members of Congress have found themselves in another awkward situation when it comes to the federal health law. They wrote the law to require that members and staffs participate in the new health exchanges starting in 2014. But a glitch could stick them with huge out-of-pocket costs.
  • Gun Background Vote Causes Heat At Home For N.H. Sen. Ayotte
    Ever since her vote against legislation to mandate background checks for all gun sales, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte has seen her poll numbers slip. This week, the Republican met protesters as she made her way around the state.
  • 'Iron Man 3' Is More Serious Than Its Predecessors
    Iron Man 3 once again features Robert Downey Jr. as the tech-savvy superhero in red. Billionaire Tony Stark, who is uncharacteristically anxious since the events of 2012's The Avengers, must face down a domestic terrorist without backup from his friends.
  • The Beyonce Experiment: How Far Can She Go?
    As a pop star, no one comes close to dominating culture and conversation the way Beyonce does. Because she exerts such control over her image — from advertisements to films, politics to pop songs — should we think of her differently?
  • Dozens Die In Run Up To Pakistan's Elections
    In the run up to this month's elections in Pakistan for National Assembly seats, militants have killed candidates and targeted the offices of three secular parties. Dozens have died. The attacks have raised doubts about how free or fair the election will be.
  • 'Cracking Sound' Heard Before Bangladeshi Building Collapsed
    Reporter Jim Yardley of The New York Times has learned a lot about the man who owned the building in Bangladesh which collapsed last week, killing more than 500 people. He talks to David Greene about the owner's place in a corrupt system, and the challenges facing the country's garment industry.
  • Airlines Raise Fee For Changing Reservations
    The companies say they incur costs when a customer changes a reservation, and the higher fee compensates for that. Analysts say cancellation and change fees make a big difference on airlines' bottom lines, at a time when many are facing financial difficulties
  • Post-Bankruptcy, Kodak Will Be Commercial Printing Business
    Kodak expects to emerge from bankruptcy this year with a new focus which will see the company operating in a more competitive market. Company officials say the business is set for a profitable and sustainable future.
  • John Bogle's Latest Advice: A 'Gatekeeper' For Your Nest Egg
    The burden for retirement planning has shifted dramatically, from traditional pensions run by experts to 401(k)s that require decisions by "gravely undereducated investors, Vanguard founder John Bogle says. He says the government should set minimum standards to protect retirement plans.

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