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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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  • Saddam Official Tariq Aziz on Trial for Mass Killings
    Former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz is set to go to court Tuesday over the execution of dozens of merchants in 1992. Aziz also served as foreign minister in Saddam Hussein's government.
  • Court Aims to Help Vets with Legal Troubles
    A new court in Buffalo is working with the Veterans Affairs Department to help veterans such as Gary Pettingill, who was busted in a drug sweep, get back on their feet. Court officials hope that reaching out to troubled veterans will help reduce the risk of suicide or violence.
  • Making Changes to Head Off Credit Disaster
    Kim Love was keeping up with her debts until she went on disability and her income was cut in half. She and her husband soon had 11 credit cards and bills topping $20,000. A credit counselor helped them cut their debt by a third.
  • Bill Lets Fla. Schools Teach Evolution Alternatives
    Florida's House joins the Senate in passing legislation that would allow — or require — teachers to present alternate theories of how life evolved. Proponents say the issue is academic freedom. But critics say the bills would introduce religion into public schools.
  • More Than 200 Injured as Tornadoes Blast Virginia
    A series of tornados ripped across southeastern Virginia on Monday, damaging scores of homes and businesses and injuring more than 200 people. Hosts Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep report on the scene around Suffolk, Va.
  • L.A. SWAT Unit on Verge of Accepting First Woman
    If Jennifer Grasso survives the SWAT team's intense training, she'll make history. The SWAT unit has been all-male, mostly white and resistant to change. But some critics among the ranks say SWAT is scaling back its requirements to be politically correct.
  • Airline Ticket Costs Up 10 Percent Over Last Year
    The average cost of airline tickets was up more than 10 percent in March, compared with the same month a year ago. Airlines usually have a lot of trouble making fare increases stick — but not this time. Airlines say they have no choice but to raise prices and other fees.
  • GM Cuts Jobs amid Slow Truck, SUV Sales
    Flagging demand for full-size pickups and SUVs has forced General Motors to cut back on planned production.
  • Some Investors Locked Out of 'Safe' Securities
    The credit crisis on Wall Street is having an effect on individual investors who own auction-rate securities. What some investors thought was a safe investment has become an obstacle to tapping into their savings.
  • 'Grand Theft Auto 4' Arrives in Stores
    The latest installment of the incredibly successful video game enterprise Grand Theft Auto goes on sale Tuesday. Many retailers opened their doors at midnight so those who couldn't wait to start sowing some virtual mayhem could get started early.

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