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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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  • House, Senate Agree on Timetable for Iraq Pullout
    Senate and House negotiators will send President Bush a war-funding bill calling for a complete withdrawal from Iraq by April 2008, priming the pump for a presidential veto.
  • Members of Military Make War Views Known
    Members of the armed services are prohibited from speaking out against the war in Iraq. The Uniform Code of Military Justice limits what they may say about political issues. But as opposition to the war mounts, some service members are finding ways to air their opinions.
  • Dr. Ruth on Sex, Humor and Happiness
    Ruth Westheimer was over 50 when she began her career advising in a very public way — on the most private of matters. For Dr. Ruth, now 78, the key to a happy life is healthy sex. Sexuality education, as she calls it, is serious stuff, but must be taught with some humor, she says.
  • Medicare Money Problems Trigger Warning
    Medicare is still going broke, according to an annual report to trustees. That's not new, but a mechanism created by Congress in 2003 compels the federal government to take steps to address the problem. A political firestorm is likely.
  • Wolfowitz: Will He Stay or Will He Go?
    President Bush says he supports embattled World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz. But will Wolfowitz weather criticism of the way he has handled his girlfriend's employment at the bank? And if he does leave, who might replace him?
  • Are Clinton's 'Negatives' Too Much to Overcome?
    Sen. Hillary Clinton has roared out of the gates as the leading fundraiser in the 2008 presidential campaign and the presumed front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Now polls suggest she may be much more vulnerable than she looks.
  • Former Apple Exec Said to Cut Deal with SEC
    Fred Anderson, Apple's former CFO, reportedly has agreed to pay about $150,000 in SEC penalties while refunding millions made on a stock sale. Anderson was accused of back-dating stock options to buy Apple shares at a cheaper price. The Wall Street Journal says the settlement with the SEC requires Anderson to pay back $3.5 million in gains on the sale, while admitting no wrongdoing.
  • Outlook Improves for Social Security, Medicare
    The financial forecast has improved for trust funds covering Social Security and Medicare. A projected increase in tax revenues and slight reductions in benefits mean the programs will be adequately covered a little longer than expected.
  • Drugmakers See Booming Market in Treating Pets
    Pet medication is a multibillion-dollar industry with growth potential. Recently, Pfizer announced it was launching a new drug for obese dogs. Is health care for furry friends a new business frontier?
  • Pop Goes Dr. Pepper with CD Project
    Dr. Pepper, known for catchy ad ditties, is now sponsoring some new tunes. The soda manufacturer has hired Cartel, a pop-punk band, to live and work in a transparent bubble in New York City for 20 days. Cameras will record the band as members write and record a new CD.

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