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Monday, April 9, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • High visibilityClark's visibility fuels political speculation
    Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, has quickly become one of the most visible lawmakers at the state Capitol. She hasn't served a full term yet, but she's become the chief spokeswoman for Senate DFLers.7:20 a.m.
  • Passenger check-inA new push for high-speed rail
    Remember when people used to ride trains? Quite a few still do. Ridership is up, and the change of power in Congress has improved funding prospects for passenger rail in this country.7:25 a.m.
  • Monday Markets
    A better than expected employment report from the Labor Department and what the Group of Seven richest nations will talk about at their upcoming meeting.7:55 a.m.
  • Winner gets the green jacketThe green jacket goes to Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Zach Johnson, who describes himself as "just a Midwestern guy from Iowa," won the 2007 Masters tournament at Augusta, Georgia. But he couldn't have gotten there without a small group of investors who helped get his professional golf career off the ground.8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Iran Expands Nuclear Enrichment Program
    One year after Iran announced that it had enriched enough uranium to produce civilian nuclear reactors, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his country can produce nuclear fuel on an "industrial scale."
  • Mixed Baghdad Neighborhoods Become Enclaves
    Baghdad's neighborhoods are changing. Four years after the American invasion, sectarian tensions have turned formerly mixed neighborhoods into exclusively Sunni or Shiite enclaves. U.S. forces are trying to reverse the process.
  • Critics Question Status of Abramoff Probe
    Amid turmoil over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, Bush administration critics are wondering whether the Justice Department is paying enough attention to the ongoing Jack Abramoff influence-peddling investigation.
  • Wisconsin Veterans Affairs Chief Heads to War
    Wisconsin's Secretary of Veterans Affairs has been called to active duty in Iraq. John Scocos, 51, is an Army reservist. He's wrapping up business and personal affairs at home as he prepares to leave. He will have a first-hand look at what the returning troops the VA serves have faced.
  • French Election Turns on National Identity
    As France's presidential election approaches, Conservative and Socialist candidates put forth ideas about what it means to be French. But making national identity a central issue has implications for the debate over immigration policy.
  • Fruit Crop in Peril as Thermometer Drops
    Cold weather is threatening fruit and vegetable crops along the East Coast. In the South, weekend temperatures fell as low as 20 degrees, forcing farmers to take emergency measures.
  • Chiquita Takes Aim at Convenience Store Market
    Bananas are the No. 1 fruit in the supermarket. Now, Chiquita is targeting convenience stores, offering bananas as an on-the-go snack. The fruit requires special packaging to maintain peak ripeness for days at a time.
  • Coke's Objection Halts Release of Movie
    A bit of product placement in a recent Italian film has Coca-Cola at odds with the filmmakers. One scene in Seven Kilometers from Jerusalem shows Jesus drinking a Coke, while an ad executive exclaims: "My God, what a testimonial!" The soft-drink maker objects, saying Jesus is not an authorized representative of Coke.
  • Prosecutors, Pelosi Stay in Political News
    As Congress returns from its spring recess, the uproar over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys persists. And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is still shaking off criticism for her visit to Syria.
  • Looser Lending Had Upside: New Homeowners
    Subprime loans have put upwards of a million people out of their homes through foreclosures. But looser lending standards for more conventional loans also permitted millions to buy homes in recent years. Some economists see that as a major achievement.

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