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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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  • For A Personal Cause, Casino Owner Bets On Gingrich
    One of the defining elements of the 2012 presidential campaign is money. Two dozen wealthy Americans have put in at least $1 million each. And one of the biggest donors is Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate who has almost single-handedly kept Newt Gingrich's campaign afloat.
  • House Republicans To Unveil Budget Plan
    Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan releases the House GOP budget Tuesday, likely including a proposal to restructure Medicare. That idea brought much criticism from Democrats and advocates for the elderly when Ryan pushed it least year.
  • Cheaper Clothes And Shorter Stories: On Soaps, Strange 'Days' Indeed
    Neda Ulaby looks at the changing nature of soap operas and at how Days Of Our Lives is changing to stay alive.
  • Florida Teen's Shooter Faces FBI Scrutiny
    In Sanford, Fla., an unarmed black teenager was shot to death by a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain. Parents of the teen, Trayvon Martin, want the shooter charged.
  • How Do Racial Attitudes Affect Opinions About The Health Care Overhaul?
    Data suggest that the racial attitudes of ordinary Americans have shaped both how they feel about Obama's health care overhaul and how intense those feelings are.
  • Native Alaskans Divided On State's Oil Drilling Debate
    As Shell Oil prepares to drill in the Arctic Ocean this summer, Native Alaskans are visiting Washington, D.C., to make their case for — or against — drilling. Some Inupiats argue that oil and gas exploration puts their traditional lives at stake, but others say the economy of the North Slope needs new oil and gas revenues.
  • Italy's PM Monti In Talks With Union Leaders
    On Tuesday, Italian prime minister Mario Monti sits down with powerful trade union leaders, hoping to weaken legal protections that make it almost impossible to fire workers. Monti blames these rules for slow economic growth. Union leaders are threatening nationwide strikes.
  • U.K. Considering Long-Term Bonds
    Britain is expected this week to announce plans to issue a bond that will take 100 years to mature — and maybe even a bond that never matures but just keeps paying out indefinitely. It's being billed as an attempt to lock in the benefits of Britain's "safe haven" status and the low borrowing rates that come with it. It also means government borrowing wouldn't have to be repaid until the next century.
  • Settlement Is Latest Blow For Cash-Strapped Mets
    The owners of the New York Mets will pay $162 million to settle charges related to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. The trustee representing Madoff's fraud victims claimed that team owners reaped profits even though they knew the Madoff investment was corrupt. The Mets won't have to pay anything for at least three years, but the case has already forced the team to slash payroll.
  • Adele Bumps Pink Floyd Off No. 7 Best-Seller Spot
    Pop singer Adele's sophomore effort, Twenty-One, just bumped Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon out of the No. 7 spot among best-selling albums in U.K. history. It's within striking distance of other classics, including Michael Jackson's Thriller, but still far behind No. 1: Queen's Greatest Hits.

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