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Thursday, March 15, 2012

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  • On Afghan Trip, Panetta Meets With Karzai
    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai Thursday. A U.S. soldier is accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians in Kandahar on Sunday. The incident has raised questions about the future of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.
  • Iranians Feel The Bite Of Tougher Sanctions
    New, tougher sanctions on Iran and its banking sector appear to be making it difficult for Tehran to carry out international transactions, while forcing ordinary Iranians into activities such as smuggling hard currency out. But India and China are still doing business with Iran.
  • Voters May Break Up Fight Over 'Fighting Sioux'
    The University of North Dakota's Native American nickname and logo has been controversial for decades. The dispute has reached a new level as supporters and opponents fight over the validity of a state law that requires the university to keep the name.
  • TV Networks Roll Out Spring Replacement Shows
    The TV show Missing, starring Ashley Judd, debuts Thursday night. It's part of a crop of shows that are starting mid-season on the networks. Tampa Bay Times TV critic Eric Deggans says the series is part of a new trend: shows that are more experimental and edgy.
  • When A Normal Job Resignation Won't Do
    When Greg Smith quit his job at Goldman Sachs, he slammed his former employer in a blistering newspaper essay. People don't often quit with such a public display of vitriol. But when they do, it certainly gets attention.
  • In France, Politicians Make Halal Meat A Campaign Issue
    France may be in the middle of an economic crisis, but politicians seem more interested in talking about halal meat and religious dietary rules. It all began when National Front Party presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said that non-Muslims in Paris were unwittingly eating halal meat.
  • U.S. Threatens India With Sanctions Over Iranian Oil
    India must cut back its imports on Iranian oil by June 28 or face U.S sanctions. A new law targets Iran's central bank, which is used for oil transactions, and it penalizes foreign countries that ignore the sanctions.
  • Spain Granted Time To Comply With EU Budget Rules
    After the latest Greece bailout, Europe's attention has turned to Spain, which has been breaking European Union spending rules for years. But the Spanish government has now caved to pressure to lower its deficit.
  • Oil, Gas Drillers Face Higher State Taxes In Ohio
    Republican Gov. John Kasich has proposed an increase in taxes on the extraction of natural gas. This follows last week's announcement of increased regulations on drilling.
  • Barber Poles Are In The Middle Of A Hair-Cut Debate
    Barbers and beauticians are splitting hairs over an iconic image: the swirling red, white and blue striped pole that often stands outside a barber shop. Barbers in several states are proposing legislation to prevent shops without a licensed barber from using the striped pole.

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