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Monday, March 12, 2012

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  • U.S. Soldier Accused Of Killing 16 Afghan Villagers
    Americans have worked for years to position themselves as protectors of Afghans against murderous insurgents. But on Sunday, a U.S. Army sergeant surrendered after a shooting rampage that left 16 people killed — including women and children.
  • No Let Up In Gaza-Israel Violence
    Days of fighting on the border between Israel and the Gaza strip cotinues. Israeli airstrikes killed three more people Monday in Gaza, the Palestinian-held area. Israelis have been bombing, Palestinians have been firing rockets into Israel.
  • iPad Workers: Plant Inspected Hours Before Blast
    In the past couple of months, computer giant Apple has come under criticism for working conditions in Chinese factories that help build iPads. Last week, NPR met with 25 workers injured in an explosion at an Apple supplier in Shanghai. They criticized safety at the plant and say the accident will have a lasting effect on their lives.
  • Indiana School Teaches Test Prep As Literary Genre
    Teachers often prepare their students in advance of standardized testing by getting them ready for what is expected to be on the exam. One school in Indiana has a course helping students learn how to take the test.
  • Bravo's Latest Reality Show: 'Shahs Of Sunset'
    Once Persian-American reality meant escaping post revolutionary Iran. Now it also means being part of American reality TV culture. Ryan Seacrest has teamed up with Bravo to create Shahs of Sunset — a reality show about the affluent lifestyles of Persian Americans in Beverly Hills.
  • To Cut The Risk Of A High-Fat Meal, Add Spice
    Researchers have found that a meal loaded with spices like turmeric and cinnamon helps cut fat levels in the blood — even when the meal is rich in oily sauces and high in fat.
  • Gain Together, Lose Together: The Weight-Loss 'Halo' Effect
    Researchers are finding that the friends and family of obese and overweight individuals who lose weight lose weight themselves, and sometimes a lot of it.
  • China Struggles With $31.5 Trade Deficit
    China is buying more abroad than it sells. February marked the largest trade deficit for China in at least a decade. Imports outpaced exports by $31.5 billion.
  • How Ford's CEO Helped Restore The 'American Icon'
    In 2009, when the other Big Three automakers were filing for bankruptcy protection, Ford CEO and auto-industry outsider Alan Mulally helped the company post its first annual profit in four years. In American Icon, journalist Bryce Hoffman explores how Mulally helped Ford avoid the fate of its fellow automakers.
  • China Brings Back Its Luxury Car Brand
    Officials in Beijing are telling government departments to stop buying Audis, and instead drive the Red Flag, which is China's version of the luxury sedan. It used to shuttle Communist luminaries like Chairman Mao. It was, however, phased out two years ago as a gas guzzler.

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