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Thursday, March 6, 2008

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  • GOP Leadership Gets Behind McCain
    Having amassed enough delegates to become the Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona is consolidating GOP support. President Bush hosted him Wednesday for a White House lunch, and McCain also met with Republican National Committee leaders.
  • Who Will McCain Pick to Run for VP?
    When the next president is inaugurated, Sen. John McCain — the presumptive Republican nominee — will have turned 72. Will his age affect his choice of a running mate?
  • Independent Group Airs Anti-McCain Ad
    Even before John McCain clinched the Republican presidential nomination, an obscure liberal group fired the first shot of what's expected to be a wildly expensive advertising war in the White House race.
  • Afghan Mission Has Two Goals: Security, Farming
    Much of the international focus in Afghanistan has been on fighting the insurgency. Efforts to improve life for civilians have lagged. Defense Secretary Robert Gates blames Kabul's ineffectiveness and a lack of coordination.
  • Rice Seeks More NATO Help in Afghanistan
    U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is asking NATO to send more troops to Afghanistan. On a visit to Brussels Thursday, she will also urge additions to the alliance, including two former Soviet republics.
  • Motives of Grand Canyon Flush Questioned
    The federal government has begun unleashing a two-and-a-half day flood in an attempt to improve the habitat for endangered fish. It's the third artificial flood in the past 12 years, but some say the experiment doesn't go far enough.
  • Put Your Money Where Your Girth Is
    Trying to lose weight? Two Yale professors have started a new company that allows people to wager on their weight loss — and, they say, the method's a good bet for success.
  • Study Sheds More Light on 'Placebo Effect'
    A new study indicates that people get better results from taking expensive pills — even when the "expensive pill" is a placebo with no active medical ingredients.
  • Fidelity Investments Draws SEC Fine
    The SEC fines Fidelity Investments, the nation's largest mutual fund manager, more than $8 million. More than a dozen current and former employees of the Boston-based firm were accused of improperly accepting about $1.5 million in luxury gifts.
  • Merrill Lynch to Drop Subprime Mortgages
    Another big brokerage is trying to straighten out its finances after an ill-fated foray into subprime mortgages. Citing the deteriorating market for home loans, Merrill Lynch says it will cut 650 jobs and stop offering subprime mortgages through its subsidiary, First Franklin Financial.

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