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Monday, February 27, 2012

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  • Clinton: How Do We Help Syrians Defend Themselves?
    On of the last stops on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's latest overseas trip was Tunisia to meet with other world leaders about the bloodshed in Syria. Clinton said the United States and other countries and organizations are trying to facilitate humanitarian aid into Syria.
  • Afghan Violence Continues Over Quran Burning
    In Afghanistan, a car bomb at a U.S. airbase near the city of Jalalabad exploded, killing 9 people on Monday. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. It follows deadly protests over what were said to be accidental burnings of the Quran.
  • How You Can Harness 'The Power Of Habit'
    In his new book, Charles Duhigg explores cutting-edge research into the neuroscience of habit formation — and how companies and advertisers are using it to their advantage.
  • Through Video, Lakota Students Reject Stereotypes
    A group of Native American students created a video to show that their community is about more than alcoholism, broken homes and crime. The students are in Washington, D.C., Monday to lobby Congress for increased funding for schools on reservations.
  • Study Suggests Way To Create New Eggs In Women
    A series of experiments published in the journal Nature Medicine suggest young adult women have primitive stem cells that could generate new eggs. The findings are generating both excitement and questions.
  • New Methods Could Speed Up Repair Of Injured Nerves
    Scientists say they've developed a technique that reconnects the severed ends of a nerve, allowing it to begin carrying messages again very quickly — at least in rats. Usually, severed nerves must regrow from the point of injury — a process that can take months, if it ever happens.
  • European Debt Crisis Still Threatens Global Recovery
    On Wednesday, the European Central Bank, for the second time, will offer banks an unlimited volume of three-year loans at low interest rates. The last time Europe's central bank did this, at the end of last year, banks borrowed more than $650 billion. That loan program helped stabilize markets and bought time for Greece and its creditors to work things out.
  • World Bank Cautions China About Looming Crisis
    No country has grown so fast for so long as China. But a report out Monday from the World Bank and a Chinese government think tank says China must change the way it runs its economy — or risk a financial crisis in the future.
  • Auto Bailout Is Hot-Button Issue In Michigan
    Three years after its bankruptcy, General Motors has had a record year. The company, meanwhile, is hiring again — adding third shifts to meet increasing demand for its cars. But Republican presidential candidates still insist the bailout was a mistake.
  • Slovakia Gets A Kick Out Of Chuck Norris
    People in Slovakia apparently love the movie star so much, they're voting overwhelmingly to name a new pedestrian and cycling bridge after him. It will connect Slovakia to Austria.

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