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Morning Edition
Friday, February 8, 2008

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  • Defeat Unusual for Romney
    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney dropped out of the presidential race Thursday. It was a rare defeat for an otherwise successful businessman, politician and Olympic Games chairman.
  • Six Missing After Explosion at Sugar Refinery
    Authorities in a suburb of Savannah, Ga., say six people are missing after an explosion and fire at a sugar refinery that left dozens injured. Officials haven't listed an official cause for the blast, but suspect sugar dust, which can be volatile.
  • Could TV Season Be Salvaged?
    The Writers Guild is planning to hold meetings with its members over the weekend about the ongoing contract negotiations. After months of a work stoppage, there are signs that the stalemate may be close to a resolution.
  • Guild to Reward Video Game Writing
    Rewarding great writing for the big screen, or even the small screen, is commonplace. On Saturday, the Writers Guild of America will be handing out an award for the first time for the year's best video game writing.
  • Scientists One Step Closer to Holographic Movies
    Holograms are nothing new, but they've never been dynamic. Using a special kind of plastic film, scientists have found a way to make dynamic 3-D holographic images. They use the old method of making a hologram with lasers to capture an image. But the image isn't permanent. They can use another laser process to erase it.
  • Bush Expected to Sign $150B Stimulus Bill
    The Senate passed a $150 billion economic stimulus bill on Thursday aimed at jump-starting the lagging U.S. economy. The goal is to put money in the pockets of American consumers. President Bush is expected to sign it into law.
  • Iraq Vets Charged with Murder of Fellow Soldier
    Army Spc. Kevin Shields was murdered near Fort Carson, Colo., in December after being sent home with a traumatic brain injury. The three soldiers charged with the crime all served with Shields in Iraq.
  • Mukasey Says He Won't Prosecute Waterboard Use
    Democrats on Thursday asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey whether he would prosecute those who used the controversial interrogation technique waterboarding to extract information from suspects. He said, bluntly, no.
  • Merck to Pay $670 Million to Settle Fraud Case
    Pharmaceutical giant Merck has agreed to pay more than $670 million to settle claims it overcharged the government for drugs and bribed doctors to prescribe its drugs. It's one of the biggest health care fraud settlements ever.
  • Bank Customers Not Benefiting from Rate Cuts
    Every time the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates, consumers expect to see lower rates on consumer loans. But many banks are going through hard times, and their customers haven't necessarily seen the benefits of lowered rates, especially with their credit cards.

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