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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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  • Romney Ramps Up Efforts To Attract Social Conservatives
    At a rally in Centennial, Colo., GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney rolled out some new material: the rights given to people by God.
  • GOP Rivals Campaign In Minnesota Ahead Of Caucuses
    Minnesota holds non-binding GOP caucuses Tuesday. Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul all campaigned in the state Monday. Each of front-runner Mitt Romney's rivals is looking at the state as a place where they can regain their footing.
  • Dickens At 200: A Birthday You Can't 'Bah Humbug'
    For nearly two centuries, Charles Dickens' colorful characters and memorable expressions have worked their way into the vernacular. The prolific 19th-century English novelist left behind 989 named characters and two dozen novels full of the pathos and comedy of London's rich and poor.
  • Sports News The Super Bowl May Have Overshadowed
    It's estimated more than 111 million people watched Sunday's Super Bowl — the biggest TV audience ever for the championship game. Morning Edition has an update of stories that may have gotten lost during the Super Bowl hype.
  • Drought Ravages Farms Across Wide Swath Of Mexico
    Mexico is facing one of its worst droughts in decades. Government officials say more than half of Mexico's 31 states are affected, and in some areas farmers haven't been able to harvest crops for two years in a row. Mexico's federal government is pledging more than $2 billion to help.
  • United Opposition A Challenge To Venezuela's Chavez
    Opposition leaders have coalesced into a united and focused movement that is preparing to choose one candidate to run against the president, posing the strongest electoral challenge to Hugo Chavez's populist rule. Chavez still leads his nearest rival, but the gap is nothing like in years past.
  • Greek Leaders To Decide On Austerity Measures
    Greek leaders are supposed to meet again Tuesday to finally sign off on more painful austerity measures in exchange for a new bailout. Greece needs more loans — and a separate debt-reduction deal — to avoid a messy default, which could lead to an exit from the eurozone.
  • Amid Debt Crisis, A Trail Of Broken 'Promises'
    Financial writer Philip Coggan traces the current global financial crisis to the 1970s, when the U.S. broke its last link to gold. In his book Paper Promises, Coggan says governments will have to choose whether to keep their promises to their creditors or to their citizens.
  • Citigroup To Issue Credit Cards In China
    China used to require western banks to co-brand with Chinese operators. But now Citi can sell its own plastic, just as credit cards become more popular. Rising incomes are boosting consumer spending.
  • Syrian Forces Shell Homs, Residents Stay Inside
    Activists say dozens of people were killed in the Syrian town of Homs Monday when government troops opened fire with tanks and machine guns. More than a dozen others were killed elsewhere. Renee Montagne talks to Omar Shakir, an activist in Homs, who's been posting updates on Twitter.

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