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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Mike HeimPlant fanatics climb up trees hunting for 'witch's brooms'
    Now about brooms -- witch's brooms, to be exact. Small, tightly woven masses of branches that can appear high up in pine trees across northern Minnesota. These "brooms" are actually the genetic source of a lot of the landscape plants and shrubs sold at nurseries. They're not often easy to retrieve.6:20 a.m.
  • Klobuchar legislation would increase visas
    Sens. Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota, and Orin Hatch, of Utah will introduce a bill today designed to help legal immigrants with advanced skills in technology and science continue living and working in the United States.7:20 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Timbuktu Freed From Islamist Fighters
    In the West African nation of Mali, residents of Timbuktu were cheering in the streets Monday, after the city was liberated by French and Malian forces after months under the harsh rule of Islamist fighters. In a final act of cultural warfare before fleeing Timbuktu, the rebels are reported to have set fire to libraries housing priceless manuscripts.
  • Africans Must 'Own The Solution' In Mali
    British troops will be supporting the French mission in Mali to drive rebels and Islamist militants out of the West African country. British Foreign Secretary William Hague says it is important to support an ally. He tells Renee Montagne the prime way of dealing with the crisis in Mali is through African governments and forces.
  • Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Redesigns 'The New Republic'
    Hughes, 29, is the publisher of the 98-year-old magazine. He's facing the same challenges other print media owners do: how to marry in-depth news articles with screens that seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Hughes tells Steve Inskeep it's a task he's prepared to tackle.
  • Rare Robert Frost Collection Surfaces 50 Years After His Death
    Jonathan Reichert, professor emeritus at the State University of New York at Buffalo, has donated a rare collection of Robert Frost's letters, photographs and audio files to the school. The materials chronicle the decades-long friendship between the poet and Reichert's father, rabbi and poet Victor Reichert.
  • Bird, Plane, Bacteria? Microbes Thrive In Storm Clouds
    Microbes can thrive in extreme environments, from inside fiery volcanoes to down on the bottom of the ocean. Now scientists have found a surprising number of them living in storm clouds tens of thousands of feet above the Earth. And those airborne microbes could play a role in global climate.
  • Armed 'Good Guys' And The Realities Of Facing A Gunman
    As the nation ponders how to stop the next mass shooting, the gun rights movement offers one controversial answer: armed civilians. In 2005, one such private citizen tried to stop a mass shooting at a mall in Washington state — and paid a heavy price.
  • Key Player In '94 Assault Weapons Ban: 'It's Going To Be Much More Difficult' Now
    Since the assault weapons ban passed in the mid-1990s, Congress has had little appetite for gun control measures. "I think it was a very different time in 1994. I don't think there's very many lessons to learn from that," says Ted Kaufman, who was then-Sen. Joe Biden's chief of staff.
  • Battery Maker For Boeing Gets Regulator Clearance
    When all Boeing 787 Dreamliners were grounded for electrical issues, it sent the stock of the company that makes the plane's batteries into a tailspin. Now that company, GS Yuasa, is seeing its stock bounce back. The Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau cleared the company of all responsibility for Boeing's electrical issues.
  • Yahoo Earnings Beat Wall Street Expectations
    While CEO Marissa Mayer is getting praise, it's unclear which part of Yahoo's business, if any, will turn the once-flagging company around. Yahoo is making more money from users clicking ads while searching but less money on display ads.
  • Rising Postal Rates Squeeze Small Record Labels
    When postal rates went up this week, labels who ship CDs and LPs saw rates jump. They say the costs will make their way to music fans.

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