Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Monday, January 19, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Damaged ceilingRent-to-own homebuying on the rise, and so are problems
    Alternative home financing can be a risky deal for unsuspecting buyers.6:20 a.m.
  • Headed to D.C.On the road to the inauguration
    The throngs in Washington D.C. for Barack Obama's swearing-in include three African American men from Minneapolis, and the 12-year-old son of one of them. They hit the road for Washington this weekend with no tickets to the inaugural and only a martial arts studio for accommodations.7:20 a.m.
  • Washington MonumentD.C. is energized on eve of Obama swearing-in
    Millions of people from around the country and around the world are making their way to Washington, D.C. for President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration.7:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Israel Ties Gaza Pullout To Obama Inauguration
    If a fragile cease-fire with Hamas holds, Israel says it will pull troops out of Gaza by the time President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in. But for peace to persist, Israel is demanding an end to arms smuggling — and Hamas is asking for the re-opening of crucial border crossings.
  • Israel Allows Journalists Back Into Gaza
    Israeli officials kept foreign journalists out of Gaza during the past three weeks of fighting. But now that a cease-fire is in place, journalists have been allowed to return. Most of Gaza has been devastated. A lot of Palestinians say they have plans to rebuild.
  • Gingrich Offers Advice For Future GOP Solutions
    Newt Gingrich once engineered a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives. He says Republicans must now demonstrate that their solutions to the country's problems don't bloat the budget.
  • Kentucky Bus Riders On The Road To History
    Large convoys of buses are en route to Washington, D.C., for Tuesday's presidential inauguration. One group left Louisville, Ky., before sunrise Monday and will arrive in time to see Barack Obama take the oath of office.
  • Shepherding Crowds In And Out Of Capital
    Hundreds of thousands of people were expected on the mall Sunday for the inaugural concert. Washington, D.C., officials were anxious about the city's trains, buses and roads holding up. Things were slow going through the security checkpoints. And when the concert was over, everyone tried to leave at once.
  • Obama Seeks To Bridge Partisan Divide
    When he was running for president, Barack Obama presented himself as a postpartisan figure. He promised to bridge barriers of ideology and party. Whether he can hammer out the grand bargains needed to pass his big reforms will be a key test.
  • Russia, Ukraine To Sign Gas Agreement
    A dispute that left large areas of Europe without gas in the dead of winter may be over. Russia and Ukraine say they have agreed to a deal that will slightly raise the cost of gas to Ukraine, which holds the pipeline that carries the gas to Europe.
  • Going Out Of Business: Circuit City
    The liquidation sale at Circuit City continues this week. The company is closing 567 stores and laying off more than 30,000 workers. Over the weekend, shoppers lined up looking for good deals, but found the bargains weren't quite as good as what they expected.
  • Are Some Obama Coins Wooden Nickles?
    There are plenty of people selling something with Barack Obama's picture on it. Things like posters, plates and plaques. There are also coins. But some of the coins are regular quarters with stickers on them. Collectors think those coins will never be worth more than 25 cents.
  • Firms Try To Cash In On Obama's Popularity
    The beverage industry - like much of corporate America — is looking for ways to tie products to the popular incoming president. Pepsi unveiled a logo that bears similarities to the one used for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Jones Soda has a new flavor called "Orange You Glad For Change." Want a presidential potion with more kick, you might head to a bar and order an Obamatini.

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