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Monday, January 9, 2012

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  • Romney's Unscathed After Back-To-Back N.H. Debates
    The New Hampshire primary is Tuesday, and it is the second contest of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Polls show Mitt Romney is still out front but his lead is shrinking. Ron Paul is in second place.
  • How Do GOP Candidates Plan To Fix The Economy?
    In New Hampshire — and across the country — the economy and job-creation are ranked by voters as the most important issues. Front-runner Mitt Romney wants to shrink government. All the GOP candidates want to balance the budget and cut business and personal taxes.
  • Is The Arab Spring Good Or Bad For The U.S.?
    For decades, the U.S. sought stability in the Middle East. But the upheavals of the past year have left the region in flux, and the U.S. is trying to define a new policy for dealing with changes that are still playing out.
  • Sununu: Romney Is Going To Win In New Hampshire
    Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu is supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Sununu tells Steve Inskeep that Romney is going to win in New Hampshire, and "it's going to be a pretty good win."
  • For Kids With ADHD, Some Foods May Complement Treatment
    A review has found that eliminating foods from a child's diet is usually not enough to effectively treat attention deficit disorders. Instead, researchers recommend a healthy diet high in protein and low in processed, sugary foods.
  • Why Contact Lens Hygiene Is Important To Eye Safety
    Most people who wear contact lenses don't clean them properly. In fact, a recent survey found that some people admit to using lemonade, butter and beer to clean them. Dirty contact lenses can cause serious eye infections so cleaning them properly is important.
  • Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon To Be Limited
    A 20-year ban on new mining near the Grand Canyon is expected to be finalized by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Monday. Conservation groups are hailing the decision but the mining industry and some Republicans say a permanent ban would hurt the nation's energy independence and Arizona's economy.
  • Large Convention Center Planned In Queens, N.Y.
    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing to build the nation's largest convention center in the New York City borough of Queens. The convention center is the centerpiece of Cuomo's plan to revive the state's economy. His choice to build the center is an Asia-based conglomerate that specializes in casino gambling
  • Italy's Accordion Industry: Tiny And Thriving
    Small businesses account for more than 70 percent of Italy's gross domestic product. But they haven't been growing. One example is the country's famed accordion industry, which has enjoyed a resurgence — but also wants to stay small.
  • Pawlenty, Christie Help Romney Campaign In N.H.
    Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has long held a commanding lead in the polls ahead of Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire. Taking nothing for granted, Romney campaigned in the state on Sunday with two of his top surrogates: former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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