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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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  • Senate Takes Up Bailout Bill
    The Senate is taking up the $700 billion plan to rescue Wall Street. The House rejected a similar measure on Monday. As the Senate weighs the bailout, All Things Considered presents some of the sounds and voices of the Senate.
  • How Different Is Senate Version Of Bailout Bill?
    The Senate is taking up the $700 billion plan to rescue Wall Street. Benton Ives, economics and finance reporter for the Congressional Quarterly, says the legislation is largely the same as the one the House rejected Monday, but with added tax breaks and an increase on the deposit insurance cap.
  • New Poll Looks At Election, Palin, Bailout
    A new poll out from the Pew Research Center examines the presidential race, opinion on Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and the bailout package. Andy Kohut of Pew Research Center says the public is divided on the bailout plan, Obama is leading in the polls and Sarah Palin's numbers are down.
  • On Senate Floor, Obama Calls For Bailout's Passage
    Barack Obama said even though the bailout package is not perfect and that he remains critical of what he calls the mismanagement of the economy, action now is crucial. During his 15-minute speech, the Illinois Democrat invoked the words of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • In Mo., McCain Says Bill Failure Would Hurt Economy
    Sen. John McCain has said that though the $700 billion bailout plan isn't perfect, failure to pass it will result in the economy's grinding to a halt. The comments were made in Independence, Mo., where McCain was campaigning ahead of the Senate vote on the plan.
  • Bloomberg To Seek Third Term As N.Y. Mayor
    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been a calm presence during the crisis on Wall Street. He is expected to announce that he will try to overturn the city's term-limits law and run for a third time, making the pitch that only he has the power to save the city in its time of need.
  • Businesses To Press Congress On Bailout
    Business groups are gearing up to lobby for the passage of the massive bailout of the financial system. Health care companies, technology firms and small businesses are all pressing lawmakers to do something about the credit crisis they see spreading across the economy.
  • Amid Financial Turmoil, Small Banks Thrive
    Wall Street may be on a roller coaster and credit markets in a deep freeze, but many smaller, local banks aren't yet feeling the pinch. They lend only as much money as they take in and stayed out of the subprime mortgage business. Leon Moore, of the Bank of Floyd in Floyd, Va., says his bank hasn't taken a federal loan in 10 years.
  • Widows Face Challenges, Tough Conditions In Iraq
    Women in Iraq who have lost their husbands now face the challenge of supporting themselves. Many have turned to government trailer parks, but conditions are dire and much of the infrastructure is shoddy, incomplete or nonexistent.
  • In Vice Presidential Debates, Some Lessons
    Some vice presidential debates — like 1988 — have been memorable, others — like 1992 — embarrassing. But all have produced lessons that may apply as Sarah Palin and Joe Biden get ready for their debate on Thursday.

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