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Monday, July 23, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Gov. Tim PawlentyPawlenty takes over as head of governors association
    In the year the National Governors Association turns 100, Gov. Tim Pawlenty has moved into the chairman's role. Energy tops his agenda.4:50 p.m.
  • Stearns County cowsDairy farmers enjoy high prices
    Dairy farmers are currently being paid some of the highest prices they've ever seen for milk. But consumers are paying higher prices at the grocery store.5:20 p.m.
  • ParentsEdina girl injured in pool accident could go home this week
    The parents of the 6-year-old Edina girl injured in a pool accident say their daughter could be released for Minneapolis Children's Hospital by the end of this week. Abigail Taylor was injured June 29 when she sat over an open drain in a wading pool at the Minneapolis Golf Club.5:24 p.m.
  • Book jacketIllustrator says goodbye to Harry Potter series
    Mary GrandPre grew up in Bloomington and was living in St. Paul when she began illustrating the U.S. version of Harry Potter books. As such, she's had advanced knowledge about the books, including how the series finally ends.5:50 p.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Foreclosures Flood California Housing Market
    California now accounts for six of the nation's top 10 metro areas with the most foreclosures per household. As the state's once-sizzling housing markets freeze over, homeowners with adjustable-rate, subprime mortgages struggle to keep their finances afloat.
  • Luxury Homes Are Hot Properties
    Low-priced properties have tanked and the middle of the market is struggling. But sales of luxury homes are booming. Analysts say a strong stock market and weak dollar are bringing wealthy buyers, both American and foreign, into the high-end market.
  • Stats of NBA Referee Combed for Clues to Gambling
    NBA referee Tim Donaghy allegedly gambled heavily, bet on games that he worked and might have influenced the outcome of those games. Jon Campbell, editor of, is examining Donaghy's statistics, looking for anomalies.
  • Secularists Wary of Turkish Party's Roots in Islam
    The Justice and Development Party's win in Turkey's elections has secularists nervous, as the prime minister's party has roots in political Islam. Soner Cagaptay, an expert in Turkish secularism, says Turkey's brand of Islam is progress-oriented and outward-looking.
  • Tracing the Path of U.S.-Iran Relations
    NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr takes on the evolution of the United States' relationship with Iran.
  • Theories Tying Human Health, Climate Gain Ground
    Physician Paul Epstein has been trying to get people interested in climate change since the early 1990s. Given what would happen if he didn't treat a patient at the outset of an illness, he says, we have to act now to help the Earth — before it's too late.
  • Symptoms of Global Warming in Northern Alaska
    Shifting ice floes, melting permafrost, buckling roads and an increase in insects are signs of climate change throughout Alaska. Melissa Block has been traveling the state and has this update from Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost settlement in the United States.
  • A Summer in Suspension, Waiting for Life's Start
    Augusten Burroughs says The Member of the Wedding captures the magic of summer: "The pages themselves nearly sweat, and there is humidity between the lines."
  • New Music from the Gulf States' King of Khaleeji
    Recent decades have seen a rise in music from the Gulf states in the Middle East. The musical style is called khaleeji, and the king of that music — Mohammed Abdo – recently released a live album, Al Amaken.
  • U.S. on al-Qaida in Pakistan: No Options Off Table
    The National Intelligence Estimate shows that al-Qaida is growing stronger, and the situation in Pakistan is losing stability. The White House says it won't rule out military activity: "There are no options that are off the table."

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