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Monday, July 15, 2013

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  • Holder: Travyon Martin Killing 'Tragic, Unnecessary'
    Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to a prominent African-American sorority of the "tragic, unnecessary shooting death of Trayvon Martin" on Monday, saying the Justice Department is still investigating the matter. "We are resolved, as you are, to combat violence involving or directed at young people," he told members of Delta Sigma Theta in Washington, D.C.
  • Zimmerman Verdict Feels Personal For Some In Service Sorority
    The verdict in the Travyon Martin case is reverberating at the annual gathering of Delta Sigma Theta, a prominent service sorority that has long focused on African-American civil rights.
  • Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Goes On Trial
    Three years ago the Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil charges against Goldman Sachs and one of its traders, Fabrice Tourre. They were charged with misleading investors over mortgage-backed securities. Goldman settled and agreed to pay $550 million. Tourre's trial began Monday in a Manhattan court room.
  • How Scholastic Sells Literacy To Generations Of New Readers
    Scholastic began as a four-page magazine for high schoolers in 1920. Today, the publisher of Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Magic School Bus, Harry Potter and The Hunger Game, has grown into a $2 billion business, and one of the biggest children's book publishers in the world.
  • In Honduran Crimes, Police Are Seen As Part Of The Problem
    Honduras is the murder capital of the world, according to U.N. figures. Its police and military remain weak despite U.S. assistance earmarked for improving law enforcement. Critics say the security forces are involved in widespread corruption and violence.
  • Israelis, Palestinians Keep Close Eye On Events In Egypt
    One thing Israelis and Palestinians have in common: Both have been closely watching events Egypt with an eye to "What does this mean for me?" Despite deep ambiguity in Israel toward having an Islamist government next door, Egyptian-Israeli military cooperation remained strong under Morsi's tenure and the Muslim Brotherhood proved crucial to Israel in negotiating a ceasefire with Hamas last November. On the Palestinian front, there is much speculation about how Hamas might be affected now that its big backer is out of power — or at least has been badly damaged.
  • Rare American Chestnut Stands Tall In Northern New York
    American chestnuts once made up a quarter of all the forest between Maine and Georgia. Animals depended on the tree for its fruit and humans used the wood. But at the beginning of the last century, a blight wiped out almost all of the chestnut trees. A few survive, including one specimen in upstate New York. The family that planted that tree 27 years ago enjoys its blooms each year at this time.
  • 'Night Witch' Flew Bomber Planes During World War II
    As a young woman, Nadezhda Popova volunteered as a pilot during World War II to drop bombs on German troops, flying planes made of plywood and canvas. Their enemies called them "Night Witches" because the airplanes sounded like a witch's broomstick when they flew overhead. Popova died July 8.
  • Shout Bands Stir Up Tubular Fervor In Charlotte
    In the Bible, Psalm 150 tells the faithful to praise the Lord with trumpet, harp, tambourine, stringed instrument and cymbal. In the United House of Prayer for All People, it's all about the trombones. No one knows exactly how trombones ended up in church, but it's an intensely vocal sound.
  • Doctors Heed Prescription For Computerized Records
    Doctors are rushing to take advantage of federal incentives to computerize their offices. Even now, many physicians still rely on paper records for patients. While the digital approach offers some advantages, the cost and complexity of switching can be daunting.

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