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Thursday, May 8, 2008

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  • Two Killed in Clashes in Lebanon
    Security officials in Beirut, Lebanon, say two civilians were killed in clashes between Shiite Hezbollah supporters and the government's Sunni backers. Nicholas Blanford of The Christian Science Monitor talks with Michele Norris.
  • Presidential Candidates Come Out Strong on Iran
    Iran's nuclear program and its involvement in Iraq present formidable foreign policy challenges for any U.S. president. The public comments of the current presidential candidates have lacked complexity, but their actual positions are more nuanced.
  • Staff Abandoning, Getting Kicked Off Bush Ship
    NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says that eight months before the end of the Bush administration, there has been a spate of forced and voluntary resignations.
  • Movie Critics Disappearing from Newsrooms
    Across the country, big-city TV and movie critics have been seen as signature players — the kind of visible brands that attract readers to newspapers. But they're disappearing in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Tampa and even New York. And the nature of criticism may be changing as a result.
  • 'Speed Racer': It's Hell, Wachowski Style, on Wheels
    How can something look so bright, and move so fast, and still be so dull? Oh, right: The creators of The Matrix are involved.
  • Parents Consider Treatment to Delay Son's Puberty
    After years of struggling with their son's gender identity issues, Robert and Danielle decided to seek treatment. One option they are looking into would buy Armand, now Violet, more time to decide whether he wants to physically become a female. But it comes with risks.
  • Letters: Gender Identity
    Michele Norris and Melissa Block read listeners' responses to Wednesday's story about the families of two boys who are struggling with gender identity issues.
  • U.S. Gets Mixed Signals on Helping Myanmar
    The U.S. ambassador to Thailand said an American plane filled with relief supplies was ready to take off for Myanmar on Thursday, but the government there revoked permission. U.S. disaster relief specialists are also having trouble getting in, despite their unique and badly needed skills.
  • Lack of Access Could Raise Death Toll in Myanmar
    Relief supplies from the United Nations are arriving in Myanmar, following last weekend's deadly cyclone. But U.S. military planes with aid for victims are still being denied. U.N. Under-Secretary General John Holmes talks with Melissa Block.
  • Does Clinton Have the Money to Compete?
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is back on the road Thursday, in search of votes and money. As Barack Obama has steadily increased his popular vote tally and delegate count, money has become a political and practical measure of the campaign.

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