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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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  • Senators Question Holder Over U.S. Drone Program
    Attorney General Eric Holder went to Capitol Hill today to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee on everything from guns to Wall Street prosecutions, among other topics. One prominent issue transcended partisan divides: senators' demand for more information about the U.S. use of drones in a targeted killing program for terrorists.
  • Sen. Rand Paul Filibusters To Block Brennan's Nomination
    On Wednesday, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky engaged in an old fashioned filibuster. He began it shortly before noon, aimed at blocking the Presidents nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. Melissa Block talks to Brian Naylor.
  • Bolshoi Dancer Admits To Organizing, But Not Executing, Acid Attack
    Three men confessed Wednesday to carrying out an attack on the artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet. Sulfuric acid was thrown in the face of Sergei Filin back in January, disfiguring and nearly blinding him. Police detained three men, including a lead soloist in the company. The dancer admitted to organizing the attack. Melissa Block talks with New York Times Moscow reporter Ellen Barry about the story.
  • Sequestered Spring Means Fewer Rangers, Services At National Parks
    Early March is when Yosemite National Park officials would normally be gearing up for the busy tourist season. Instead, they're figuring out how to cut $1.5 million from their budget because of the recent sequestration that forced across-the-board cuts. The National Park Service must now cut $134 million from sites around the country.
  • Flight Attendants Protest New TSA Rules Allowing Small Blades
    The Transportation Security Administration is scaling back its list of prohibited items for airline passengers. Starting next month, people can once again carry small knives and some sporting equipment, such as golf clubs and hockey sticks. Audie Cornish talks with air travel writer Harriet Baskas about the new policy.
  • Houses Passes Resolution To Keep Government Funded Through September
    The House passed a bill extending the federal government's spending authority through the end of September on Wednesday, while keeping the bottom line cuts required by the sequester that just took effect. Tamara Keith talks to Audie Cornish about what it means in the ongoing battles over federal spending.
  • Midwest Starts Digging Out From Biggest Snowstorm In More Than Two Years
    Chicago was under almost a foot of snow on Wednesday after a winter storm swept through the Midwest.
  • Snow Storm Doesn't Live Up To Its Hype In Nation's Capital
    Parts of the Mid-Atlantic were hit with a late winter storm on Wednesday.
  • Fossils Suggest Giant Relatives Of Modern Camels Roamed The Canadian Arctic
    The High Arctic was a warmer place 3.5 million years ago. The surprising find can tell us a lot about our future and global warming.
  • The Devil To Pay In Oates' 'Accursed' America
    Set at the turn of the century within the grand houses of Princeton, The Accursed is populated with specters, demons and even a vampire. But the real monsters in Joyce Carol Oates' chilling tale are the members of Princeton's elite, who preach from the pulpits and judge without compassion.

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