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Each weekday Policast® brings you highlights of Minnesota Public Radio's award-winning political coverage, hosted by political editor Mike Mulcahy.

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Recent Episodes

Policast for Mar. 27, 2015
State Senate Democrats release their budget targets; St. Cloud school officials say they have a plan to deal with discrimination complaints from Somali students; business groups object to new union organizing rules (9:15s)

Policast for Mar. 26, 2015
Major league soccer comes to Minneapolis, but a stadium is a big question mark; clean water standards divide Democrats (11:59s)

Policast for Mar. 25, 2015
House Republican budget plan cuts taxes and spending; wild rice, sulfate and politics (15:01s)

Policast for Mar. 24, 2015
The House passes minimum wage change; Gov. Dayton sides with U.S. Steel on pollution standards; Minneapolis schools to cut administrative staff (12:12s)

Policast for Mar. 23, 2015
Republicans pitch a transportation funding plan; the House is poised to pass changes to the minimum wage; Duluth moves to rehab an old industrial area (7:38s)