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Each weekday Policast® brings you highlights of Minnesota Public Radio's award-winning political coverage, hosted by political editor Mike Mulcahy.

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Recent Episodes

Policast for April 24, 2015
The Senate votes to allow gun silencers despite a veto threat; the House will consider changes to the estate tax; the debate over a soccer stadium in Minneapolis (12:57s)

Policast for April 23, 2015
The House passes a bill that rolls back some clean energy initiatives; a state lawmaker apologizes for comments on the House floor; Minneapolis is poised to raise the pay of some employees (11:36s)

Policast for April 22, 2015
The House passes a transportation bill; Gov. Dayton says he's still far from a deal on any major issue; computer problems put the brakes on school testing (9:03s)

Policast for April 21, 2015
The House Republican tax plan has some temporary and a lot of permanent tax cuts; why is the Metro Transit police force growing so fast? (10:36s)

Policast for April 20, 2015
State House Republicans offer a lean budget and a big tax cut; Norm Coleman is trying to defend traditional Republicans (9:45s)