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Each weekday Policast® brings you highlights of Minnesota Public Radio's award-winning political coverage, hosted by political editor Mike Mulcahy.

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Recent Episodes

Policast for May 4, 2015
The Minnesota Senate prepares to pass a tax bill; lots of tough issues as the legislative session heads into its final two weeks; one farmer tells his story of the avian flu (10:52s)

Policast for May 1, 2015
The House passes a Legacy funding bill; supporters of the Southwest light rail line ponder what to do next (12:17s)

Policast for April 30, 2015
The House passes a tax bill; a new report shows water quality is lagging in southern Minnesota; new problems in trying to counter homegrown extremism. (14:39s)

Policast for April 29, 2015
The House passes a health bill that eliminates MinnesotaCare; the push for Sunday liquor store sales is likely dead for the session; not all Minnesota businesses want the Trans Pacific Partnership (11:55s)

Policast for April 28, 2015
More on the prospects for the Southwest light rail line; taxes and transportation are still big sticking points at the Capitol; public and private land on a state hiking trail (14:43s)