Sunday, May 27, 2018

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Skits from The Morning Show
About the Podcast
This podcast is no longer being produced. Enjoy past episodes below, or the plumb the depths of the show's archive at The Morning Show home page.

Dale and Jim Ed pick their best bits and skits from the week and offer them in one satirical stack. You'll hear from Captain Billy, Bud Buck, Genway's Dr. Larry Kyle, and the rest of the gang.

The Morning Show home page
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Recent Episodes
Morning Show Skits for December 17, 2008
We had a great send-off at the Fitzgerald Theater on Dec 11, and many of our long standing characters took a final bow. We'll hear those moments from Bud Buck and Captain Billy, Nephew Thomas and Wally of Intimida - all of them beloved and make believe - along with, arguably the funniest character of all, who just happens to be a real person. The mayor of St. Paul – Chris Coleman. The hilarity is about to begin for one final time. (39:31s)

Morning Show Skits for December 10, 2008
This time, a bit of a departure. The Morning Show is ending. We're having a big final broadcast at the Fitzgerald Theater and next week you'll get a sampling of that last show. This time, some of the interviews Jim Ed and I did with our MPR colleagues as we became news for just the briefest of moments. Our fifteen minutes of fame begins now. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for December 3, 2008
This time, an encore for our re-telling of the classic Christmas story, "It's a Wonderful Life." When we first did this for a live audience at the Fitzgerald Theater in 2003, it was an episodic parody in four parts. In 2006 it was presented for the first time as a podcast in two parts. Now, for the first time ever, the whole thing is united as a single, stunning, radiophonic experience. What am I getting for Christmas? Extra time, to bring you an uninterrupted version of wonderful, it's a life. (22:00s)

Morning Show Skits for November 25, 2008
This week, another trip back in time to a live broadcast from the auditorium at Hibbing High School in Hibbing, Minnesota. Idea man Spin Williams will pitch a great tourism idea for the Iron Range, we'll have a hockey-centric edition of our long running soap opera Worldly Goods, and actor Dirk Davern, who you've probably seen - dead - on any number of crime dramas. Pucks, breezers and mortality from October 4, 2002. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for November 19, 2008
This week, a trip back in time to a live broadcast from the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing, Minnesota. There was a birding festival happening along the Mississippi River that spring and we played off of that with a series of bits involving our radio daredevil, Nephew Thomas. You'll hear all three installments of the bird stunt, punctuated by some abbreviated examples of live music from the show, originally broadcast May 2, 2003. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for November 12, 2008
This week, cars, cash, canines, cases of chewing gum, committee assignments, re-counts, re-considering everything that was said. Guests: Captain Billy, Congressman Beechly, Wally and Sparky. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for November 5, 2008
This week, the election and its aftermath. Congressman Beechly checks in with an idea for honoring politicians, himself included. B. Marty Barry's advice for the old and late, and the people from Spende Popper have just the pill to promote the mending of post election fences. We assume positive intent! (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for October 30, 2008
This week, the run up to the election. We'll have a podcast exclusive, a talk with an interested observer from afar. Also, the Genway Halloween special unveiled. Be careful or it could show up at your window. And we'll hear how Wally and the Sherpa dealers are reacting to suddenly inexpensive gasoline. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for October 22, 2008
This time around, we'll hear some things that are new from Bud Buck and Tony Bennett - items related to the election and the debates. We'll hear some moments from the archive, from ten years ago: thoughts about insurance you can take out to protect everyone from your compulsions, and a survey that the IRS might have used back then in 1998, but didn't. At least they haven't yet. But we can always hope. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for October 15, 2008
This time around, we are still obsessed with the economy. Why can’t we stop thinking about it? Clearly some further help or intervention is necessary. Our living and loving specialist will check in. We’ll ask if there is a pill that might make a difference. Also … Wally will let us know what’s going on at the Sherpa dealership, so please … if you pull out now, you’ll lose everything. (15:00s)

Morning Show Skits for October 8, 2008
This week, expectations, accusations and amazement. Bubby will tell us how he's experiencing the debates at Wendell Wilkie High School. We'll find out what your dog thinks of the blame game you've been playing, Captain Billy weighs in with the opinion that the world has truly turned upside down. Check your pockets. (15:00s)