Rep. Loren Solberg

Loren Solberg
Hometown:Grand Rapids
Party: DFL
Position(s): Committees: Agriculture, Rural Economies and Veterans Affairs Finance Division; Capital Investment Finance Division; Education Finance and Economic Competitiveness Finance Division; Energy Finance and Policy Division; Environment and Natural Resources Finance Division; Finance; Health Care and Human Services Finance Division; Housing Policy and Finance and Public Health Finance Division; Local Government and Metropolitan Affairs; Minnesota Heritage Finance Division; Public Safety Finance Division; Rules and Legislative Administration; State Government Finance Division; Taxes; Transportation Finance Division; Ways and Means (Chair).

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Home: Grand Rapids; 2114 S.W. Third Ave., 55744; (218) 327-1292
Occupation: Legislator
Education: B.S., M.S., mathematics education, Bemidji State University; M.P.A., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Elected: 1982

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