Sen. Paul E. Koering

Paul E. Koering
Hometown:Fort Ripley
Party: Republican
Position(s): Health, Housing and Family Security, Ranking Minority Member; Capital Investment; Finance - Agriculture and Veterans Budget and Policy Division; Finance - Health and Human Services Budget Division; Finance - Higher Education Budget and Policy Division

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Koering defeated DFL Sen. Don Samuelson in their third head-to-head contest in 2002. Samuelson was a 34-year incumbent at the time. After his victory, Koering was seen as a determined political giant-slayer. In 2005, Koering publicly announced he's gay. It was in the midst of a contentious debate in the state Senate over gay marriage. Initially Koering was the only Republican who voted against an effort to bring a constitutional ban on gay marriage to a vote on the Senate floor.

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