Legislator pay

One of the first tasks the incoming Senate did in the 2007 was move to increase the per-diem pay of senators, with a $30-per-day increase in their daily expense checks. The Senate voted for a portion of the resolution that also required senators who voted against the per-diem increase to specifically ask for reimbursement for expenses.

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Senate approval
February 21, 2007 (SR41)

Minnesota senators voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to stick with a $30-per-day increase in their daily expense checks. The Senate voted 59-to-7 to continue a $96-a-day expense rate that most members began collecting more than six weeks ago. The seven Republican senators who voted against the increase will have to ask for their expense checks in writing, and one called the requirement a stunt designed to punish them.

Result: Passed

Legislator Party District Vote
Ellen R. Anderson DFL 66 FOR
Thomas M. Bakk DFL 06 FOR
Linda Berglin DFL 61 FOR
Don Betzold DFL 51 FOR
Terri Bonoff DFL 43 FOR
Jim Carlson DFL 39 FOR
Satveer Chaudhary DFL 50 FOR
Tarryl Clark DFL 15 FOR
Richard J. Cohen DFL 64 FOR
Dick Day Republican 26 AGAINST
D. Scott Dibble DFL 60 FOR
John Doll DFL 40 FOR
Sharon Erickson Ropes DFL 31 FOR
Michelle L. Fischbach Republican 14 FOR
Leo T. Foley DFL 47 FOR
Dennis R. Frederickson Republican 21 FOR
Chris Gerlach Republican 37 FOR
Joe Gimse Republican 13 FOR
David Hann Republican 42 AGAINST
Linda Higgins DFL 58 FOR
Bill Ingebrigtsen Republican 11 AGAINST
Debbie J. Johnson Republican 49 FOR
Michael J. Jungbauer Republican 48 FOR
Amy Koch Republican 19 AGAINST
Paul E. Koering Republican 12 FOR
Gary W. Kubly DFL 20 FOR
Keith Langseth DFL 09 FOR
Dan Larson DFL 63 FOR
Ron Latz DFL 44 FOR
Warren Limmer Republican 32 FOR
Tony Lourey DFL 08 FOR
Ann Lynch DFL 30 FOR
John Marty DFL 54 FOR
James P. Metzen DFL 39 FOR
Geoff Michel Republican 41 AGAINST
Mee Moua DFL 67 FOR
Steve Murphy DFL 28 FOR
Thomas M. Neuville Republican 25 FOR
Rick Olseen DFL 17 FOR
Gen Olson Republican 33 FOR
Mary Olson DFL 4 FOR
Julianne E. Ortman Republican 34 FOR
Sandra L. Pappas DFL 65 FOR
Pat Pariseau Republican 36 AGAINST
Lawrence J. Pogemiller DFL 59 FOR
Ann H. Rest DFL 45 FOR
Claire A. Robling Republican 35 FOR
Julie A. Rosen Republican 24 FOR
Sandy Rummel DFL 53 FOR
Kathy Saltzman DFL 56 FOR
Tom Saxhaug DFL 03 FOR
Linda Scheid DFL 46 FOR
David H. Senjem Republican 29 FOR
Kathy Sheran DFL 23 FOR
Katie Sieben DFL 57 FOR
Rod Skoe DFL 02 FOR
Dan Skogen DFL 10 FOR
Dan Sparks DFL 27 FOR
LeRoy A. Stumpf DFL 01 FOR
David J. Tomassoni DFL 05 FOR
Patricia Torres Ray DFL 62 FOR
Ray Vandeveer Republican 52 AGAINST
Jim Vickerman DFL 22 FOR
Betsy L. Wergin Republican 16 FOR
Charles W. Wiger DFL 55 FOR