Provide relief to married taxpayers by increasing income tax on wealthy Minnesotans

The plan, from Sen. Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, would provide relief to 419,000 married taxpayers who are stuck with a higher tab than they would if they were single filers. It also softens a tax quirk - known as the alternative minimum tax - that is increasingly costing some middle-income earners more money. To pay for the changes, taxes would go up on income above $270,000 for couples and $180,000 for single filers. (AP)

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Senate Taxes Committee approval
March 31, 2006 (SF 3550)

A measure reforming the alternative minimum tax and accelerating the elimination of the marriage penalty gained the approval of members of the Tax Committee, Fri., Mar. 31. By also creating a new fourth income tax bracket with a rate of 8.15 percent, S.F. 3550, carried by Sen. Lawrence Pogemiller (DFL-Mpls.), is revenue neutral within the income tax. Members adopted an amendment, offered by Sen. Julianne Ortman (R-Chanhassen), offering a one-year exemption from the higher bracket for taxpayers whose incomes unpredictably spike for only one year. Ortman said the amendment was meant to protect people who may have an unexpected windfall or who sell their business. If the taxpayer continues to earn in the fourth bracket range, the higher tax rate takes effect for subsequent years, under the amendment. S.F. 3550 was advanced to the full Senate on a 7-3 roll call vote.

Result: Passed

Legislator Party District Vote
Thomas M. Bakk DFL 06 FOR
William V. Belanger Republican 40 AGAINST
Don Betzold DFL 51 FOR
Debbie J. Johnson Republican 49 AGAINST
Warren Limmer Republican 32 AGAINST
John Marty DFL 54 FOR
Julianne E. Ortman Republican 34 FOR
Lawrence J. Pogemiller DFL 59 FOR
Rod Skoe DFL 02 FOR
David J. Tomassoni DFL 05 FOR