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Candidate Positions on Climate change

Read the full responses from candidates below. “Answer option” is the choice given in the quiz, and “Candidate’s position” shows the candidate’s response to MPR News.

Question: Do you favor or oppose federal regulation of greenhouse gases?
Bob BarrBob Barr ANSWER OPTION: Oppose
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Barr voted against raising fuel efficiency standards on cars, light trucks and SUVs in 2001. (More Info)

John McCainJohn McCain ANSWER OPTION: Favor
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: In 2003, Sen. McCain co-sponsored a bill to cap greenhouse gasses. The bill failed. At a Republican debate in California on January 31, 2008, Sen. McCain said, "Now, suppose that the governor and I are wrong, and there's no such thing as climate change. And we adopt these green technologies, of which America and the innovative skills we have and the entrepreneurship and the free market which is embodied by Senator Lieberman's and mine cap-and-trade proposal is enacted, and there's no such thing as climate change. Then all we've done is give our kids a cleaner world." (More Info)

Ralph NaderRalph Nader ANSWER OPTION: Favor
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: Nader's web site says he "proposes a straightforward carbon tax--set to annual benchmarks to bring, with the expansion of solar energy, US emissions to at least 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050." (More Info)

Barack ObamaBarack Obama ANSWER OPTION: Favor
CANDIDATE'S POSITION: In October 2007, Sen. Obama announced a plan that impose a national cap on carbon emissions. Said the New York Times, "He proposed instituting a mandatory 'cap and trade' program across the economy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the level recommended by top scientists, a figure that he did not specify Monday. Under his plan, businesses would be required to buy allowances to pollute, which would create financial incentives to limit energy use or reduce emissions." (More Info)