Start the Budget Balancer

Minnesota Budget Balancer 2007

Express your priorities for the state

Every two years, the legislature decides on a state budget.

It's the ultimate expression of the state's priorities.

From education to health care, income taxes to the environment, budget decisions affect every Minnesotan.

It's easy to have strong opinions about the parts of the budget that affect what we value most.

But can you preserve and promote what you value most amid the tough tradeoffs required to balance the budget?

See if your values add up. Create your own state budget.

Then express your values for the state by e-mailing your balanced budget to your elected representatives and to MPR News.

A note on this year's budget

Part of the surplus is money that will be in the bank on July 1. Part is a prediction that tax collections will exceed spending over the next 24 months. And the effects of inflation are not included in the spending estimates.