Moveable Feast: State Fair food, 2014 edition

by John Birge, Minnesota Public Radio
August 22, 2014

St. Paul, Minn. — For our weekly feature Moveable Feast, John Birge and Minnesota Monthly's Rachel Hutton talk about where to go and what to eat in Minnesota.

And when late August rolls around, there's but one place to go in Minnesota: the Minnesota State Fair. That's why John and Rachel are talking about State Fair foods this week.

Rachel has been plotting her attack for the past several weeks, ever since the list of new State Fair foods was released to the media.

A few years ago, Rachel tried chocolate-dipped jalapeños and was disappointed (to say the least!). But here are some food items that look enticing to Rachel this year:

Breakfast Juicy LuLu — A riff on the famous Juicy Lucy burger, this is an English muffin with sausage stuffed with American cheese.

Pretzel Cheese Curds — This is a cheese curd with a crushed pretzel coating; sounds pretty good!

Deep-fried Buckeyes — At first, Rachel thought thus was a reference to the tree nuts, but it's actually deep-fried, chocolate covered peanut-butter balls. John wonders if perhaps this is guilding the lily?

Beer Gelato — Another dessert item, Rachel's not too excited about it because she's tries Guinness ice cream before and was put off by the bitterness; John, however, is willing to give this one a try.

Johnny Pops — A new frozen fruit-and-cream bars created by St. Olaf students, although you can get them at grocery stories so Rachel thinks she'll go for unique-to-the-Fair SnoRibbons instead, which are described as being "like eating snow and tasting ice cream at the same time."

See you at the Fair!

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