On a Clear Morning with flutist Immanuel Davis

by Alison Young, Minnesota Public Radio
April 1, 2013

ST. PAUL, Minn. — When University of Minnesota flute professor Immanuel Davis put his 1865 Louis Lot flute to his lips to play, the magic that emanated elicited one response from his wife: buy that now!

Louis Lot's are legendary for their effervescence and light tone, so much so that it wouldn't take long before the powers-that-be in Paris would deem these instruments the official flute of the Conservatoire.

And what came of this time was music to match what this instruments could do - singing, imaginative, poetic and hugely expressive. Flute teacher Philippe Gaubert wrote some of his most luscious lines for this flute and it's his music - plus perhaps the most famous work for flute alone by Debussy - that make up Immanuel Davis's latest disc "On A Clear Morning."

The instrument sings - Immanuel actually says it almost reads his mind - playing the music of 19th century France as though it already resided within its silver body and just needed some coaxing to come forth into our time.

Enjoy our conversation and a few samples of this marvelous disc - and join Immanuel and his friends at a CD release party at the Schubert Club Museum this Thursday.

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