Music with Minnesotans: Daniel Andersen

by Alison Young, Minnesota Public Radio
April 18, 2012

St. Paul, Minn. — "I'm going to count slowly down from ten and when I get to one, you will be able to contact your creative self."

Or something like that.

I remember at least a few words that hypno-therapist Daniel Andersen so graciously used with me to give me a demo of what his work can do to overcome a fear or phobia. He asked me what my limiting belief might be before we started and like Charlie Brown I pretty much said I was afraid of everything --- ok, maybe just the future.

That sure narrows it down!

My philosophy is this - you get one chance at life. You can live any way you choose. Why not choose to be happy and healthy?
- Daniel Andersen

But what power the right words at the right time said to a fertile and willing mind can make. I can absolutely attest to feeling incredibly and deeply empowered with Daniel Andersen after our super-short session right here in a vacant edit suite at MPR.

Daniel is a delightful and articulate 25-year-old who has been practicing magic for several years using some of the tricks of hypnosis to enliven his shows. It was just maybe six months ago that he realized there was a lot of good to come from hypnosis - most importantly working non-regressively and focusing instead on the desired end result to help people lose weigh, stop smoking or cease their terror of everything.

Daniel listens to classical all the time, starting each day with a wake-up call from one of the most delightful perpetual motion Bach lute suites.

Actually his first introduction to classical came as a discovery when he was in his teens. A friend had a house in the woods and he was welcomed one evening by a piece being hammered away on the piano. He tells me the rapid-fired presto notes bounced off every surface in the house and stopped him in his tracks.

Daniel introduced me to a pianist - James Rhodes. Most photos of James in concert show him in jeans and a t-shirt and it's this casual approach that has helped break down barriers for many young people not sure how to enter the classical world. We'll listen to James play Beethoven with a freshness and joy not always achieved in recordings.

I couldn't resist asking Daniel what how he might have helped Beethoven were he his therapist. Daniel didn't miss a beat and said palliative care. The poor man was ill and in terrible pain, but refused meds because it muddled his creative mind. Hypnosis may have helped him more easily handle the pain, relax and allow him to live more fully. Imagine reaching back in time like that!

There are two other pianists are on Daniel's list as well as a Piano Quartet from Germany playing a rare Faure piece with a graceful dance-like interplay that's just beguiling.

And Daniel sure has good taste. He includes on his can't-live-without list Maurizio Pollini playing Chopin - one of the darker etudes where Daniel's left thinking he might have made good use of some hypno-therapy - and Glenn Gould playing the iconic Goldberg Variations.

My guests do have a time limit for music, but when it came to the Goldberg I couldn't help but make an exception. We'll get at least the first nine variations and I must say the look on Daniel's face when I gave him a bit more time for music was absolutely priceless!


Daniel Andersen's playlist:

Johann Sebastian Bach, Lute Partita: Prelude - Eduardo Fernandez

Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano Sonata No. 30 - James Rhodes

Felix Mendelssohn, Piano Quartet No. 2 - Faure Quartet

Frederic Chopin, Etude No. 12 in C minor - Maurizio Pollini

Johann Sebastian bach, Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould


Next week retired social worker Richard Wintersteen joins me. He's worked all over the world, and has always had his trombone with him to play in community groups. Richard has great stories and a trombone-laden playlist!

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