Music for Running/Jogging

by Suzanne Schaffer, Minnesota Public Radio
January 3, 2012

With the new year comes the inevitable flood of resolutions to get fit or eat healthy. Here at Classical Minnesota Public Radio we wanted to help connect the beauty of music to your resolutions.

St. Paul, Minn. — Here's a playlist for someone to run their first 5K (3.2 miles, about 30 - 40 minutes for beginners). I picked these pieces because when I'm running I need a driving, rhythmic pulse that is fast enough that it propels me forward but not frantically fast. I also tend towards music where the brass section has a big role because it's easier than strings to hear over traffic and because, to be honest, it sounds vaguely Olympic. It's nice to start a run already feeling like a champion.

1. Aaron Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man (~3:00)
Definitely feeding Olympic dreams. I CAN do this...

2. Gustav Holst: Jupiter from The Planets (~7:45)
Done with warm up. Time to pick up the pace and find my rhythm.

3. Arturo Marquez: Danzon No. 2 (~9:30)
Running starts to feel good. Surge of adrenaline! I could run all day!

4. Ludwig von Beethoven: Movement III from Symphony No. 5 (~14:30)
Tired. This music pushes you through!

5. Cool down: Arvo Part: Spiegel im Spiegel (~7:00)
Ahhhhh. Job well done.

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