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December 21, 2011

St. Paul, Minn. — The traditions of Chanukah derive from a test of faith. Over twenty-one hundred years ago, in the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, the principles and practices of the Jews came under assault by the ruling Greeks. But rather than assimilate, a band of Jews who practiced their faith in secret returned and rededicated the Temple. Their courageous act and its aftermath form the focus of Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. Mindy Ratner and Bill Morelock offer music and stories for the devotional and delectable aspects of Chanukah: from the significance of the lighting of candles, to the essential ritual of preparing (and eating!) latkes.


Traditional arr Jacobson: Drey, Dreydelekh (sung in Yiddish)
Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson (Afka 901)

Traditional, arr Binder: Maoz Tsur "Rock of Ages" (sung in Hebrew)
Italian chant: Maoz Tsur
Italian chant, arr Benedetto Marcello: Maoz Tsur
Hugo C Adler: Maoz Tsur
Hugo Weisgall: Fortress Rock (sung in English)
Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson (Afka 901)

David Weintraub: Eight Bright Candles
Eaken Piano Trio (Naxos 8.554714)

Flory Jagoda, arr Netsky: Ocho Candelikas (sung in Ladino)
Soloists and New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble/Hankus Netsky (Rounder 3165)

Haneyros Halalu (These Candles That We Bless) instrumental
Lissa Schneckenberger, violin; Hankus Netsky, piano (Rounder 3165)

Hugo Chaim Adler: Haneirot Hallalu (sung in Hebrew)
Carolina Chamber Chorale/Tim Koch w/Zhou Jin, piano (Naxos 8.559410)

Leo Low, arr Moore: Likhtelekh (sung in Yiddish)
Coro Hebraeico/Neil Levin (Naxos 8.559410)

Traditional, arr Tyzik: Chanukah Suite excerpt
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra/Jeff Tyzik (RPO 2006)

Making Latkes
Chasia Segal (Rounder 3165)

Kitaltas (sung in Ladino)
Theodore Bikel, NEC vocal soloists; NEC Jewish Music Ensemble/Netsky (Rounder 3165)

Judith Shatin: Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin (sung in Hebrew)
New London Children's Choir/Ronald Corp (Naxos 8.559410)

Steve Barnett: S'vivon (sung in Hebrew)
Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson (Afka 901)

This feature is part of Classical Minnesota Public Radio's Holiday Programming.

Scott Robinson: "Mi Ze Hidlik" from Great is the Miracle
Eaken Piano Trio (Naxos 8.554714)

Solomon Ancis: Mizmor Shir Hanukkat Habbayit
Cantor Benzion Miller; Schola Hebraeica/Neil Levin (Naxos 8.559410)

Herbert Fromm: Hanukah Madrigal
Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson (Afka 901)

Joshua Jacobson: Mi Zeh Yemalel
Zamir Chorale of Boston/Joshua Jacobson (Afka 901)

Traditional Klezmer, arr Netsky: Keshenev Bulgar
New England Conservatory Jewish Music Ensemble/Hankus Netsky (Rounder 3165)

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