Music with Minnesotans: Matt Wehling

by Alison Young, Minnesota Public Radio
January 12, 2011

St. Paul, Minn. — Those who have played their instruments using a Matt Wehling bow compare its playability to driving a Ferrari, but surprisingly Wheling is not a classical musician himself.

He's been listening much more regularly to classical music recently - and much more carefully - mostly so he can understand what a client is looking for in a bow - and how to best make a sound.

Matt is my guest today and shares his playlist as well as his love of helping find that perfect sound as an instrument maker.


Matt Wehling's playlist:

Liebesleid, Fritz Kreisler - Fritz Kreisler

Pavane, Gabriel Faure - Montreal Symphony and Choir/Charles Dutoit

Mickey the Moulder/Stan Chapman's Jig, Traditional Irish - Kevin Burke (Green Linnet 1122)

Johann Sebastian Bach, Little Fugue in G - The Mando Boys (Borderland Productions 2)


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Join me next time when author Charles Baxter is my guest. He's introduced me to some new pieces that are just heavenly, including Virgil Thomson's "The Feast of Love" a title Baxter borrowed for his novel, a National Book Award finalist.

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