MacPhail instructor visits home of Suzuki method

by Steve Staruch, Minnesota Public Radio
October 6, 2009

St. Paul, Minn. — Taking stock of life at the age of 18, Beatrice Blanc realized that her most constant companion had been her violin. She decided right then to follow a career path as a teacher, a Suzuki teacher.

Blanc, an instructor at the MacPhail Music School in Minneapolis, is married to Michael Sutton, violinist with the Minnesota Orchestra, who was also trained using the Suzuki method.

At its simplest, the Suzuki method's purpose is to inculcate musical excellence while developing beautiful human beings.

Blanc and Sutton describe themselves as "a couple of Suzuki kids." They found themselves in Japan this summer. Their purpose was to visit, make a pilgrimage really, to Matsumoto, Japan, where Dr. Suzuki lived and taught.

Beatrice Blanc describes her trip in a conversation with Classical Minnesota Public Radio's Steve Staruch.


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