Minnesota Legislature: Natural Resources

With traces of industrial chemicals linked to 3M Co. products turning up in more places, legislators are demanding that state scientists step up their examination of health risks and are allocating money for testing and drinking-water filters. (04/17/2007)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer talked with DFL State Sen. Katie Sieben, the chief sponsor of a bill that calls for biomonitoring, a process that tracks the presence of hazardous chemicals in humans. (03/27/2007)
Minnesota lawmakers are considering banning something you may have never heard of, but probably have in your home. (03/22/2007)
A House committee approved the surcharge on a 10-5 vote. The money it would raise each year -- almost $500,000 -- would repay meat processors who turn donated deer into venison for food shelves. (03/12/2007)
A look into where hydrogen energy fits in Minnesota's broader energy strategy. (03/09/2007)
Some members of a legislative committee urged the company and health department to provide bottled water to residents whose wells have been contaminated. (03/06/2007)
Minnesota has a new law establishing one of the most aggressive standards for renewable energy in the country. The governor and lawmakers say it's just the first of several energy-related proposals they hope to pass this session. (02/22/2007)
Some outdoor groups are worried that arts funding provisions in a proposed constitutional amendment will derail the proposal with voters. (02/21/2007)
Supporters say the requirement means Minnesota would have the strongest renewable energy standard in the nation. But critics worry the proposal could mean a hike in utility bills for consumers. (02/19/2007)
Minnesota's plan to pump more hydrogen, solar and wind electricity through its powerlines got overwhelming backing from the state Senate, where advocates touted it as the most aggressive renewable energy standard in the country. (02/07/2007)
A committee in the Minnesota Senate unanimously approved a bill that would require utility companies to get at least a quarter of their energy from renewable sources after a wide variety of interests reached an agreement on the bill late Thursday. (02/01/2007)
Eight committees from both the House and Senate attended a rare presentation in the House chamber Tuesday night to bring attention to global warming and their plans to reduce the threat. (01/30/2007)
Hunting and fishing enthusiasts are back at the Capitol this year, trying once again to get dedicated state funding for natural resources. (01/28/2007)
In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Bush called for America to produce 35 billion gallons of renewable and alternative fuels by 2017. Much of that fuel may well come from Minnesota's farm fields. (Midday, 01/24/2007)
Some environmentalists say Gov. Pawlenty's budget is disappointing, but the governor gets positive review for spending on renewable energy. (01/23/2007)

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