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NPR creates music site, adds better flash media player

Posted at 10:27 AM on November 6, 2007 by Jon Gordon (2 Comments)

NPR is doing some nice things online. Yesterday it launched a site that corrals music offerings from across public radio. From

Today, NPR and twelve (12) public radio partners are launching NPR Music, a free, multi-genre Web site that presents the best of public radio music. We have also launched a new Flash-based media player across

NPR Music aims to be as diverse as our audience’s interests and curiosity. That’s why Jazz Profiles lives alongside World Café and Classics in Concert, and why we feature everyone from Aaron Copland and Aaron Neville, to Dan Zanes and Joe Zawinul. We want to surprise you with new artists, new music, and things you didn't know you would enjoy until you discovered them. The site is organized by genre and by type of musical content including live concerts, studio sessions, artist interviews, profiles, reviews, blogs and podcasts.

NPR Music is a creative collaboration with KEXP and KPLU Seattle; KUT Austin; WBGO Newark; WDUQ Pittsburgh; WFUV and WNYC New York; WGBH Boston; WGUC Cincinnati; Folk (WKSU) Kent, Ohio; WXPN Philadelphia, and Minnesota Public Radio. With their deep connection into local arts communities, their incredible music libraries and archives, and their respected on-air hosts and DJs, these stations have invested real energy and resources into the communities they serve. NPR Music allows you to move beyond the geographic boundaries of radio signals and discover the authentic sense of place created by stations across the country. We expect additional NPR stations and public radio producers, as well as other contributors, to join this collaborative effort in the coming months and years.

NPR also launched a new flash player across its sites. This is a big step forward.

We have also launched a new, Flash-based media player on The NPR Media Player provides a faster, more streamlined way to enjoy NPR audio and video. It also provides a “playlist” feature that lets you collect content from across and place it in a queue for extended listening and viewing. In the near future we plan to launch an embeddable version of the NPR Media Player.

I wish the flash player would give users the ability to add content from public radio networks and stations outside of NPR. At the NPR Technology site, wouldn't it be nice to be able to play not only NPR tech stories, but Future Tense as well?

Comments (2)

The player is an massive improvement on the old system. I do agree that it would be nice if it could, say, add content from RSS feeds. But since I wasn't expecting any sort of upgrade at all, I honestly can't complain. Now I won't have to go back to my computer from the kitchen every four minutes to change to another All Things Considered or Talk of the Nation stream.

Jon, there's no reason you couldn't partner with NPR and get in on the action. Just so long as I can still download Future Tense to my MP3 player, I won't complain.

Posted by Max F. Exter | November 6, 2007 1:30 PM

the player is pretty good but i'm still looking for a way to download some of the programs that are not available as podcasts to my mp3 player for the daily commute.
ripping realaudio was easy enough, the new player doesn't allow that...

Posted by Andreas | December 3, 2007 7:32 AM