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A Knack for Nicknames

Posted at 7:37 PM on April 5, 2010 by Radio Heartlander (7 Comments)
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From the Desk of the Heartlanders
Guest Blogger - Barbara in Robbinsdale

I was born Barbara Ann Britson. It was 1948, there were a lot of Barbaras in that era. There were always 2 or 3 Barbaras in my classroom or Brownie troop, so we might be called Barbara B, Barbara S, etc. And as an adult it was the same - a group of 8 or 10 folk dancers around my age and three of us were Barbara. Of course, some people resorted to nicknames.

At home I was known as Barby by my mom, and my dad called me Barb or Barbadino. Various school nicknames included Barbwire, Babs, Barbarella, and then the Beach Boys et al. did the delightful Ba-Ba-Baaahh Ba-Bah-ber Ann.

In college I was Brits.

For a while when he was little, my son called me Barber; my step son knows me as Babbyra.

In the 90s I joined a very small (4 of us) business consulting group where I was replacing the front desk person, also named Barbara. I just gave up and became Abby (a favorite "play name" from childhood, and an anagram of Barby if you take out the r). This worked brilliantly while I was there, and ever since it has been my personal rule that if any group I join contains more than 25 % Barbaras, I flip into Abby mode. I also have the odd habit, when asked my name, of hesitating and figuring out if I should be Barbara or Abby in the new setting!

I feel sure that others on this blog have had some interesting aliases - heck, some of you change your blog name almost hourly!

What are some of the more interesting or colorful nicknames you (or someone dear to you) have had?

Comments (7)

Oh NO! I'm so sorry.

Due to technical difficulties - meaning, well, me - Barbara's lovely post was delayed in publishing.

Barbara and all, please accept my apology.


Posted by Julia Schrenkler, MPR | April 5, 2010 7:57 AM

HI Julia and all ~ The Trial Baloon bloggers noted the absence of a topic this morning and asked Barbara to repost her jottings on "A Knack for Nicknames" under the Amreicana Showcase heading, which she did. There is a rollicking thread going on over there - thought you might like to know.

Posted by Teri in Zimmerman | April 5, 2010 9:37 AM

Julia - not to worry -- as you can see, we found a way to continue! What a group!

Posted by Barbara in Robbinsdale | April 5, 2010 5:33 PM

We adjusted the date to reflect today.

You're good people!


Posted by Julia Schrenkler, MPR | April 5, 2010 7:39 PM

Wow, what a crazy good time I've just had catching up on the day's entertainment.

Even if someone tries to take over the world by disrupting the internet, it is good to know the Heartlanders will persevere--

Posted by catherine | April 5, 2010 9:29 PM

When the earth ends, all that will be left is a couple of coyotes, a few cockroaches and the RH gang!

Posted by Steve in Saint Paul | April 6, 2010 2:54 AM

steve, i think that is redundant

Posted by tim | April 6, 2010 7:09 PM

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