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... God, My Mom, and the Academy ...

Posted at 6:00 AM on February 2, 2010 by Dale Connelly (28 Comments)

Radio Heartland has tickets to see Mavis Staples at the Dakota in Minneapolis tomorrow night at 7 pm.
We'll keep the door open until 1pm today.

Enter the drawing.
Obey the rules.
Good luck! .

Yesterday we talked about thank you speeches on the day after the Grammy Awards Show. Today, the Oscar nominees are announced.
The movie awards will be given away on March 7th.

Although he didn't post it as a comment on the blog, idea man Spin Williams texted me from The Meeting That Never Ends with what he calls A Big Concept for the Oscars - something he wanted to share with everyone.


It's going to be EPIC in the more frugal and friend-focused world of 2010 and the awards show producers are totally not getting it!

How else can you explain our impatience with televised expressions of thankfulness? As soon as a winner gets to the microphone, the clock is running and the more they say about their dependence on others, the more we are made to feel it is boring, boring, boring! We're being trained to turn our backs on grateful people so we can get to the commercials and re-fill the popcorn bowl.

And these are our most creative citizens - fantasy makers who open our eyes to the beauty of the world. Surely they could turn their gratitude into something amazing if given the chance. But all they get is the sudden shock of winning and then fifteen seconds to say what is in their hearts! No wonder they look stunned and seem a little dull witted.

Here at The Meeting That Never Ends, we're writing a proposal to re-structure the awards show sequence, making it a combination of election night, inauguration day and American Idol.

After the Oscar nominations are announced, the contestants should campaign for their awards, not with full page ads in Variety, but town-to-town across America! If George Clooney came to your Rotary meeting to ask for your vote, you'd give it to him, but what's more, you'd have a great story to tell. And you'd be invested in the process! So the voting should not rest with the Academy, it should be nationwide, and live, and it should happen on ONE BIG NIGHT! Critics and famous expert blowhards could offer their opinions as the tally progresses, culminating in a clear identification of the winners in every category by the end of the evening. But there are no thank you speeches - not yet.

One month later, the Live Oscars Thank You Show gives those winners a chance to express their feelings using their chosen art form. Whether they sing, dance, act, design costumes, write scripts, or work as gaffers, best boys and movie set caterers, they'll have a chance to show their stuff and prove once and for all that they deserve the prize they were given.

This does three things - celebrates gratitude, honors sincerity, and creates a multitude of cascading events - an original and at least two sequels, just like the movies themselves. That means more revenue for everybody, and with luck, higher ratings.

I think people will go for it, because greed is unpopular right now and gratitude is HOT. And who knows, if we can get them ramped up every February and March for Oscar voting, maybe they'll show some interest in the other kind of voting that happens in November!

We're working on some vehicles to move this idea to the next stage, but I thought you'd want a heads up! Run it by your people and get back to my people, who will get back to me!

Your friend,

Actually, I think Spin's idea is nutty. It couldn't possibly work.

Could it?

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