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The Farmer On The Lam

Posted at 5:50 AM on August 27, 2009 by Dale Connelly (18 Comments)

The Minnesota State Fair begins today! Hurrah!

Tomorrow morning, Radio Heartland's live broadcast from the Minnesota Public Radio booth will start at 9am. My musical guests will be Ann Reed, BoJoNo and The Ditchlilies.

We will also play the "Where's Eric" game for the 14th time, a remarkable unbroken string when you consider this is basically an event where grown up people play hide-and-seek.

Under tomorrow's rules, Ochen Kaylan and Leslie Ball will have to find at least one miniature Eric Ringham doll AND the genuine Eric Ringham in the course of our 2 hour show. The Little Erics-in-hiding will be Security Eric and Fair Fanatic Eric.

As a special bonus, we have hidden one more Mock Eric, our gentle Farmer, as a Radio Heartland Listener-only Challenge.

Below Farmer Eric's photo are the five clues.

WE clue 2.jpg

I've got a fifth-row seat. Too bad I can't sit down.

What's another word for a corporate yes-man?

I'm in between two stags a-leaping.

I see a campfire.

From here I can see two bears and four owls.

Only Radio Heartland listeners are eligible to search for this little guy.

Please register to look for him at the MPR booth tomorrow morning after 8 am. We won't credit the return of Farmer Eric to anyone who hasn't signed up.

The registered listener who finds him will be praised and celebrated on our live show, unless they are a person who sincerely does not want that kind of attention, in which case we will silently stand in awe but will not make a fuss otherwise.

Our Bonus Eric locator will also be called on to assist Ochen and Leslie in the last section of the broadcast as they strive to locate the living, breathing Eric Ringham on the fairgrounds.

Irresistible, right? Feel free to wonder and suppose and even post comments about where the little guy will be hiding, but remember that possession is 10/10ths of the law in this game and if you give away the location to somebody else, they could use your clues to get there first!

The hunt doesn't start until 9 a.m. on Friday.

Good luck! And may the most savvy searcher win!

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