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The Music Festival in Your Mind

Posted at 5:05 AM on May 8, 2009 by Dale Connelly (33 Comments)

Yesterday Gail made the comment that husky voiced Marlene Dietrich and raspy throated Leonard Cohen would have made an interesting duo. Ann Reed, who was visiting, encouraged more such nonsense, offering up the idea that Radio Heartland listeners could, like fantasy baseball addicts, compose ideal duos with singers who otherwise might never have met.

Cohen and Dietrich. If only.
Cohen Dietrich.jpg
Here they are in a performance given just last night inside my computer. It occurred to me while looking at them that Marlene's death in 1992 has done nothing to diminish her allure, and they would both look great wearing Leonard's hat.

The weekend is upon us, and along with all the important chores we have to do there are many, many extravagant time-wasters available, including Photoshop, so feel free to come up with your own Cohen - Dietrich photo, or any of the others that were suggested, like Amy Winehouse & Frank Sinatra, Annie Lennox & Aretha Franklin, Chet Baker & Alison Krauss, or Johnny Depp and Peter Cottontail.

Or any other wacky thing you can think up. Send me the results by e-mail and we'll see.

Today, Neal Hagberg of the famous actual duo Neal & Leandra will be visiting.
Who knows what kind of mayhem he'll ignite.

And speaking of duos, our Power of Two concert, broadcast last Sunday and Wednesday, is now available for anytime listening through our website.

Thanks to everyone who has made a contribution in support of Radio Heartland so far. This is the second day of our drive. Keep up the good work!

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