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Mechanical Nomenclature

Posted at 4:38 AM on January 7, 2009 by Dale Connelly (69 Comments)

It is time, dear listeners, to bestow a permanent name on our third staff member, the ubiquitous computer who controls most of Radio Heartland's schedule.

It is truly odd that something as warm and fuzzy-sounding as "Radio Heartland" should be guided by a machine, but that is our reality and it now becomes our job to shape the machine's identity in a way that makes us all more comfortable. Therefore it is our task, dare I say our obligation, to humanize the digital DJ with an acronymic moniker that is not shared by other devices.

Hal, while cozy, is a name with an ominous history. In the book and film 2001, his name stands for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer, and he winds up being an obstacle to everyone's success. That's not what we want. I don't even understand what "heuristically" means, and that's AFTER reading the definition. People do like the name, however, so Hal remains an option, but with a new, listener-inspired acronym. I have added some choices, as has Mike and several other listeners brave enough to struggle with the task.

Here are the choices. Please vote for one only. "Lizard People" is not an option.
Let the public speak!

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