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March 18, 2006
Hotel music

I'm convinced there are more day parties in Ausin this year than ever before--there is practically no moment of the day you can't walk down Sixth or Red River and hear one band's blare bleeding into another from some tent or pavillion. My daytime entertainment, however, took place in hotels.

The Driskill is an old swank hotel lodged in the heart of Sixth Street, too classy for the likes of us. We soon located some equally out of place indie rock types and made out way up to a natty conference room. Here Ranier Maria would play a sharp acoustic set, and their progression--from earnest kids who sought a big, shimmery enough sound to reflect a vague swath of emotion they couldn't get a handle on, to writers of smart relationship songs that recognize the interconnection of regret and affection--was never clearer. Nice Dylan cover too--"I'll Keep It With Mine."

The Living Things played three songs before them. By all accounts the three Berlin brothers are raucous, knock-down blur of punk and politics ordinarily, but this set was gentle and twangy, highlighted by a moving (and neither sanctimonious or sententious) rumination of Iraq. OK, actually Lilian Bosh's tight white cowboy suit, which made him look a cross between Prince and Annie Oakley, was the real highlight.

From there, it was off to The Current's hotel-broadcasting set-up, where Mary et al were just about wrapping their Austin visit up. I caught the Mystery Jets, who were likeable lads--one of 'em's dad even plays guitar with the band. I could've done without the proggy, mostly instrumental "Zootime," but the bounding "You Can't Fool Me Dennis" lodged itself firmly in my brain.

And that was my Friday afternoon. Friday night was a whole 'nother story.

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