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When will MPR find a way to let Sustainers "out" of the Membership Drive?

Posted at 8:32 AM on November 7, 2011 by Julia Schrenkler

Our Member Services team supports new and existing members with many types of questions or concerns. We're posting common questions with answers from our Member Services Representative Jess Horwitz.

Dear MPR,

When will you find a way to let Sustainers not have to listen to the Membership Drive???

Not all our listeners are members. Not even close. Out of our 850,000 listeners, only about 15% are contributing members. We have to make time for Member Drives because membership support is one of the most important sources of MPR funding.

MPR has some of the shortest pitch breaks in the Public Radio industry so we can bring you the information and music you value. Many public radio stations do 10-minute breaks with zany music playing in the background. We are so much more evolved!

So, what can you do to reduce the length of our Member Drives? Besides becoming a sustaining member, you can do some recruiting! Tell your friends and neighbors about the benefits of being a member of MPR, including the many discounts at retail shops, restaurants, and events throughout Minnesota.

If they're listeners, encourage them to become a member. When you borrow their car, leave the radio tuned to an MPR station. Share your Minnesota Monthly magazines with them. Invite them to MPR events with you, including a tour of MPR. Impress them with your knowledge of current events and culture, thanks to what you heard while listening to MPR.

We appreciate your membership support! Thanks for sharing your love for MPR.

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