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Your perspective: Are you willing to fly?

Posted at 8:38 AM on October 26, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Today's Question on MPRNewsQ asks: Have recent incidents involving air travel made you reluctant to fly?

In our gather.com online discussion this angle surfaced with a few people offering their thoughts:

"OMG. I think I don't want to fly for awhile." - Annmarie B.

"What would I expect from the airline if this had happened to me? I'm not sure, but this signifies shocking negligence on the part of the pilots. What if the fuel dropped too low? What if they'd run into dangerous weather that they otherwise would have not encountered? There's so many 'what ifs.' Of course, these things didn't happen, but it's scary to think about and I'm an eager flyer. For those who fly reluctantly, this would probably put them on the train home." - Susan Budig

"Now from the perspective flying just a few times a year, I see a bit how the whole flight experience would be disconcerting to many and stories like this would make it even more so. as Susan says, they'd likely choose the next train home. Would I? no. I continued to fly soon after 9/11, and all through that fall and winter. not being defiant, just choosing to go on with my life that way." - Kerry Dexter

"I have to admit that I generally do trust the airlines. The successful, enjoyable flights far outnumber the problem ones. Plus, I love visiting overseas and pretty much don't do boats/ships." - Diana Raabe

Consider your own experiences and share your perspective.

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