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Discussing H1N1

Posted at 8:13 AM on August 12, 2009 by Julia Schrenkler

Minnesota State epidemiologist Ruth Lynfield joins Gary Eichten on the air today to discuss the state's plans to deal a future wave of H1N1 and answer questions about those most at risk. In our online conversation we cut to the chase: Are you worried about H1N1? Are you concerned about those in your life that are in the higher risk category? Does H1N1 change the way you live?

So far people have explained why they are - or aren't - worried, like these folks:

Cara D. writes,
"I'm not worried about it at all. I have never had the flu (or a flu shot) in my entire life & I'd be surprised if I started now. Given all the hubbub about there being a shortage of the vaccine.. well I for one will be helping with that problem by not getting vaccinated! I rarely get sick & obviously have a kick-ass immune system so I'm not worried :)"

Elizabeth V. writes,
"Yes, I'm very worried. Ever since I had pneumonia four years ago, I get sick so easily. I get the flu every year even though I get a flu shot and a pneumonia shot. So, I'm high risk but won't count as high risk because I'm not in the right age groups--not young enough or old enough."

Heather Williams writes,
"I have to admit I am not too concerned for myself ... I generally do not get a flu shot ... I wash my hands regularly and try to take care of myself ... I am concerned about my parents who are older and have some health issues - My mom can't get a flu shot - she is allergic"

Joanne Vicente writes,
"Every teacher has to be worried about it. Sharing a building with 3,000 teenagers isn't the healthiest situation, since they bring colds, flu, and everything else they pick up to school. I wish the flu shots were available, but it's too soon, according to the doctor's office."

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